Jupiter Artland – A Must Visit Edinburgh Attraction

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Get ready for another avalanche of photos from yet another family day trip! This time we got on First Bus 27 that took us to Jupiter Artland in Wilkieston – a huge outdoor park dotted with the most interesting artworks. I was so excited to finally be there as I’ve been wanting to visit for ages!


The bus stops right outside the gates of the park, after which you have to walk a few hundred meters until you reach the “Life Mounds” that must be the most photographed artwork in the park.


We failed to see the sign at the entrance so it took us a while to figure out how to get to the ticket office and cafe. We bought tickets (£8,50 for adults) and decided it’s better to start exploring with something in our bellies so we got in line to wait for a table at the very busy cafe.


Lana kept herself busy running around and sliding down the slope over and over again…Those white things are called “Piss Flowers” – it’s the cavity created by someone peeing on snow turned upside down. Pretty!


All that sliding resulted in a wet and muddy bum. lunchbymilk

We finally got our lunch provided by Milk. It looked amazing until I discovered there was a fair bit of coriander…I have gotten a lot more tolerant towards this herb from hell though!


With a map in hand we started the walk around the estate.


This one is called “Suck” (there’s a hole in the ground that explains the name). We were hoping Lana would have her nap but she didn’t even want to sit in the buggy – so we had to bribe her with some raisins thats she loves. Always carry those small packets with me now in case of emergencies!


The artworks are all by a path that you’re supposed to follow. So nice to be in the forest!


The “Temple of Apollo” wasn’t the biggest temple I’ve ever seen.


These weeping girls were my favourite artworks.


There were five in total and they didn’t have faces…A bit eerie!


The figures are by Laura Ford and are hand carved from waxes.


Lana really enjoyed the forest too – she’s clearly Finnish!


You don’t expect to find a huge gun in the middle of the woods!


A little graveyard. Not sure why Matthew looks so pissed off…


I really liked this four meter web knitted with circular knitting needles and four strands of multi-coloured fishing line. Impressive knitting!


The path took us back to the impressive Life Mounds just when Lana dropped off, which meant I could take some photos in peace. Yay!


I wish it wouldn’t have been windy so I could’ve gotten some good reflection photos.




This one was also a favourite; an underground chamber of amethyst surrounded by obsidian appropriately named “The light pours out of me”.


This park attracts families, art lovers and nature lovers. There were a lot of kids around, which Lana enjoyed.


Watch out for the flying baby!


The Life Mounds from another angle.




And finally we got to the highlight of Lana’s trip; the animals!


Feeding the animals was sooo much fun.


Lana knows that the sheep say baa baa. Her hair is strange as it looks really blond some days and a fair bit darker on other days. I hope she’ll go dark and won’t get my mousy hair!


Yup, that’s a few kilometres away.


Every once in a while Lana meets older kids who actually like to play with her/look after her. I always think that these children must be born to be mothers and fathers!


This is Bonnington House that was bought by Robert and Nicky Wilson in 1999 (I can’t even begin to guess how much it cost!). The 100-acre estate that surrounds the house was the perfect place to make Nicky’s dream of creating a sculpture park come true. Jupiter Artland is actually influenced by Ian Hamilton Finlay’s garden “Little Sparta”, which is next on my “must visit list”.

Today we visited another great family attraction called Dalkeith Country Park that I’ll be blogging about soon. We are so lucky to have all these great family attractions on our doorstep! Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks!

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