The First Trimester

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Hi all,

Thought I’d write a post about my first trimester, for those of you who are interested in pregnancy stuff and for my own future reference as it will be nice to have something in writing about the pregnancy later on. As I’m writing this half-way through the second trimester (at 20 weeks) we already know the sex of the baby…It’s a little girl!! There’s no way I could keep it to myself, but we’ll try to at least not reveal the name we decide on before the birth! We’re both so excited, and don’t think it’s even sunk in properly yet. Both of our families are more boy-heavy, so a little girl is definitely a welcome addition. 🙂

Pregnancy bellies
This is from the beginning of the 2nd trimester, at 15 weeks or so. A bit of a difference in the belly sizes! The little girl in the big belly arrived a week ago. 🙂


The due date is February the 8th, which means it’s perfect timing for my maternity leave as it’ll start at Christmas – which gives me  7 weeks to prepare for our little princess and pay one last visit to Finland before she is born. For those of you who are wondering, (and I’m sure people are) this pregnancy was a planned thing. 🙂 We didn’t have to try for more than a month before we hit the jackpot, which was a relief. During the past years I’ve been saying that I don’t want children before I’m 35, but somehow the baby fever got to me before that…Think the fact that Matthew was ready to have children and that pretty much all my friends are having babies might’ve had something to do with it…Either way, it will never be a “perfect” time for a baby, so there’s no point in waiting for that moment anyway.


My pregnancy has been pretty text-book like so far. I didn’t feel a thing for the 6 first weeks until I suddenly woke up one Saturday morning feeling rubbish and not in the mood for my usual morning cup of coffee. Morning sickness had set in! In hindsight I got away pretty easy (although it didn’t feel like it at the time) as I didn’t throw up and my nausea symptoms only lasted for a month or so. During that month I was pretty tired and had no energy to go to the gym, plus I felt slightly sick all day and even worse in the evenings after dinner. I got away with just a few sick days from work – although there would’ve been more had I not been able to work from home.

My nose has also been runny and blocked a lot, but I think it’s a mix of hay fever and being pregnant. Another annoying thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to be catching every cold and being ill for a lot longer than before. I’m considering the flu jab next month to avoid more long-lasting colds, but will have to do some research first.


I started feeling bloated around my tummy right in the beginning, which wasn’t nice as I had to abandon most of my favourite skirts and trousers very early on. I didn’t tell at work until recently, so my belly clearly hasn’t been big enough to get noticed during the first trimester. However, I’ve only been comfortable in loose clothes and haven’t been able to wear any jeans or anything at all that would put any pressure on the belly. Not going to the gym also meant I put on around 3 kg pretty quick, mostly around my belly where I usually put on weight first anyway. Matthew’s been waiting for a proper belly impatiently, and only now at 20 weeks am I starting to notice more growth. Still waiting for a bigger belly to show off so I can stop looking just fat and disproportionate . :/


I haven’t had any proper must-have cravings, but have been eating a lot of fruit, especially different kinds of melons. I also found it hard to drink normal tap water during my morning sickness weeks, so went through litres and litres of sparkling water instead. I found it hard to plan any meals as I didn’t know what I could see myself eating more than a few hours before the meal, so there were a lot of ex tempore meals where I just ate what I had decided I could stomach that day. Generally my meals were quite plain in taste, and heavy in carbs. Luckily I was feeling almost normal when we went to a Michelin star restaurant with a couple of friends, so managed to eat most of all the hundreds of courses – but have to say I didn’t feel too comfortable afterwards and don’t think I’ve ever been so bloated in my life!

My appetite has been bigger than before, so much that I’ve usually had one lunch at 11am and another one at 2-3pm because I’ve been so hungry. I’m glad that has stabilised now or I would be a whale!

Dinner at Martin Wishart in Edinburgh
Dinner at Martin Wishart in Edinburgh at 10 weeks. Had to go for the vegetarian menu unfortunately and skip the cheeses and wines…

I haven’t been able to drink coffee since week 6, and for some reason peanut butter still makes me feel sick . Just thinking about it and the smell makes my stomach turn even now. Yuk. I wasn’t a fan of the smell of fish and other strong food odours either, but that’s pretty normal. What I thought was weird though was that I couldn’t chew gum during the first trimester – and I always have a piece of chewing gum after a meal. Chocolate was something I stayed away from too, especially dark chocolate, and have still not felt any cravings for a glass of wine.

Reactions by others

Don’t think my friends and family were too surprised about the baby news, probably because they’re all surrounded by babies and pregnant women already. Good thing is that I have so many people to ask for advice and help from, as so many of my friends have already been through this amazing experience. We actually have a secret Facebook group where we can ask all sorts of questions about pregnancy, birth and babies from each other. 🙂

The reaction from Matthew’s friends and family was completely different: he’s the first of his friends and siblings to become a parent (he’s 3 years younger than me). For some reason no one had seen it coming, so there’s been a lot of surprised faces on the Scottish side. It’s quite a nice mix to be the first one to have a baby here and have all the “expert” support and advice in Finland. All in all everyone’s been very supportive and happy for us, so thank you friends and family on both sides!

x Nina x

PS. This morning Matthew felt a kick for the first time, which was pretty cool. First contact between father and daughter 🙂 Already she kicks so hard sometimes that I can see it on the outside – no flutter or gentle movements here!