The Husband Tag – 31 Questions

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If you follow any bloggers or vloggers chances are you will have read or watched “the boyfriend/husband tag” posts. It’s basically a post where the husband gets asked questions about his wife and their relationship. I’ve been wanting to do this with Matthew for ages and figured that Valentine’s Day (yeah I know it was yesterday) is the perfect time for it, so here we go!

1.How and where did we meet?
Drunkenly…in a bar in South London. Read the full story HERE.

2.What was your first impression?
She’s super hot. How can I make her my wife.

3.How and where was our first date?
Technically, that would be the brunch we had the morning after the night we met.

4.What is my best physical trait?
Your smile (your teeth).

5.When did you meet my family?
On my first trip to Finland with you (only four months or something into our relationship).

6.How did you know I was the One?
The morning after we first met, I knew I couldn’t let you leave…cause you were out of my league and I would probably never see you again if you had the opportunity to meet any other men. Since then, I have made it my mission to keep you isolated from all men other than myself.

7.What is my worst habit?
Asking me to check your teeth every time you’ve finished a meal.

8.Who was the one to say I love you first? And where was it?
Me. Primrose Hill. London. Summer of 2012.

9.How do you resolve problems?
Argue. Don’t talk for two days. Text our apologies. Make up and forget about it until the following argument.

10.What do you do for a living and are you using your college degree?
I work in digital marketing. Yes…kind of.

11.What key elements make a successful relationship & marriage?
Spending quality time together.

12.What do you love about me?
You’re the best mother I could ever have wished for my kids.

13.How do you keep a relationship healthy in life?
Try new things.

14.Places you want to travel?
Japan. (We both really want to go!)

15.What is my favourite colour?

16.What is my favourite food?
Finnish chewing gum.

17.What is my favourite TV show?
Dinner Date. (NOT true! Although I admit I watch reality TV crap. He just knows I get annoyed when he says that. At the moment my favourite show is the Sopranos – watch it if you haven’t already!)

18.What food do I not like?
Mushrooms. Smoked/smokey food. Coriander. Most types of sea food. Meat. (I’m a vegetarian!)

19.Who is the better cook?

20.What do we argue most about?
Stuff so stupid that we can’t even remember them after the arguments are over.

21.What is something I do that you wish I wouldn’t?
Ask me to hoover the house.

22.What was the last text message I sent you?
OK. Rambo 3 is on. Perfect night in. Have fun x (This is from the beginning of December when Matthew was out with his friends. I did obviously not watch Rambo 3 – just a joke!)

23.Who wears the pants in the relationship?

24.Who is the more romantic one?

25.Who is the funny one?
Me. (Erm, see my Rambo joke in question 22.)

26.What is my favourite restaurant?
I don’t know. We liked Atelier in Fountainbridge but it’s not there anymore. We like Aizle too.

27.What can I spend hours doing?

28.Would I prefer to stay in or go out on Friday night?
If it was every weekend, stay in.

29.What is your most repeated phrase or sentence?
Please wash your hands. (I can be a bit of a germophobe – although washing your hands when you get home is something everybody should do!)

30.Have you ever lied to avoid getting in trouble with me?
Yes. But I usually crack under the guilt and end up telling you. (I can always tell when he’s lying.)

31.If you could get rid of one thing that belongs to me what would it be?
Your bag that has no compartments – it’s so unorganised and frustrating. (Feel free to buy me a new bag! A Louis Vuitton will do.)

I just realised when looking for photos for this posts that we have no photos of just the two of us from the past 2 years! Maybe time to take some…

We didn’t do anything special this Valentine’s Day – Maya wouldn’t let us. But hey, that’s ok – instead I spent the day with a good friend. Galentine’s all the way!

x Nina x