The Last Week Of October

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I was still recovering from a cold pretty much all of last week, but it was a good week anyway with great food, a new hobby and perfect autumn weather. And the week was finished off with Lana learning to wave! Now I keep waving at her just to see her do it – too cute. Anyway, here are a few random pictures from my birthday week!


I’ve wanted to check out the Danish design household for a while, and finally got around to visiting the one in St James’ centre. There was lots of fun stuff for the house, but all I bought was a knitting set and some liquorice chewing gum!


I decided that it’s time I learn to knit again (we had to learn it in school when I was a kid), and after watching a few youtube videos I managed to follow the instructions in the knitting set I bought and knit this hat! Not bad for my first effort right?! It took me only two nights, and now I can’t wait to get some better quality yarn and start knitting more! (Got all my xmas presents sorted now haha.)


So glad to discover that the winter suit a friend gave me last year is the perfect size for Lana now. This will come in handy when we spend a month in Finland this winter!


The weather here has been so warm that I was able to leave the house dressed in only (Matthew’s) knit and one of my all time favourite skirts that I found when I was tidying up our closet. It’s a cheap H&M skirt that I’ve wore so much over the years, but it still looks good!


I found this linen beach dress in the charity shop downstairs, and just had to buy it for next summer 🙂


Our neighbour always makes such beautiful arrangements for the stairway – a really nice thing to do for the fellow tenants don’t you think?


Lana’s changing table looks a lot nicer now 🙂


This is from one of our walks in Inverleith Park – no idea where all the people are!


On Saturday we finally took Lana swimming for the first time. She loved it although the swim nappy failed and her nappy filled up with so much water that her weight pretty much doubled haha. Luckily there were no accidents…


Don’t think we spent more than 20 min in the water, but we still managed to work up an appetite…Roasted veg, hummus and pesto on garlic bread at Bon Papillon was the perfect answer!


The long awaited Saturday night and my birthday dinner finally came, and it was a success! Will do another post on that later.


Sunday was another lovely day so we headed out around 11am (!) for a walk in the Botanical Gardens followed by lunch at Hamilton’s. (We really need to start eating out less!)


Behind the blog scenes 🙂


And this is Lana when she doesn’t want to eat – she always grabs her ears when she gets upset. Is that something that other babies do too?

Yesterday was a typical horrible Monday – I was so tired and Lana was cranky (think she might be teething again). Let’s hope the rest of the week is a bit better!

x Nina x