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Well hello, it’s been a while! Last time I wrote we were still in the midst of corona, whereas now life is starting to get back to normal. The girls have been back at nursery for a month and I have been going to my office (with just one other person there) but Matthew continues to work from home.

Summer is here and we have a big project in our garden and perhaps a new family member moving in with us soon – but I will tell you more about this in another post! In this post I want to tell you about Esnaf Toys. I have been turning down a lot of collaborations lately but when Bistra reached out to me from Esnaf Toys I got excited and instantly said yes. Apart from the toys being exactly what I’d want from a toy I didn’t want to say no to supporting a small family business (husband-wife team) with such a great product and concept.

Esnaf wooden toys
Handmade eco-friendly magnetic wooden toys by Esnaf Toys. Just love the design and will definitely keep them on display when the girls aren’t playing with them!
Handmade Esnaf eco animal wooden toys
I chose the large and the small giraffes as well as the hopper set, which includes a squirrel, kangaroo and a bunny. The toys were gifted.
Magnetic wooden animal toys
Mr bunny.
Haven’t seen them so concentrated in a long while!
Lana and Maya are always playing the “mamma-baby” game, so I’m glad I chose a mamma and a baby giraffe 🙂

Why is this the perfect toy?

Let me tell you why I think these handmade wooden magnetic animal toys are as good as perfect. First of all, they are made entirely from natural, eco-friendly, recyclable materials and natural paints – without polishing and varnishing. All materials are also sourced locally. They are made in the family workshop in Bulgaria, where Anastas (the husband) learned woodcrafting when he was a child. What I think is so nice is that his teacher then is the same carpenter that works now with them.

What I really like is the design of the toys. They’re both aesthetically pleasing, educational and functional. Which is not that surprising having been designed by two architects! Toys that both adults and kids enjoy playing with are the best – and Esnaf toys are just that. And when you’re not playing with them you can use them as part of your interior decoration. These toys will fit in perfectly in any Scandinavian home – and if you ask me, all toys should be like this!

The toys are also just good quality and made to last. The magnets are really good and the pieces just “click” together very effortlessly. Another great thing is that the magnets have different colours so that you will know which part belongs to which animal. Although you don’t have to stick to the rules – you can create the weirdest and funniest animals (something Lana instantly got the hang of). Oh and one more thing: the toys were just as fun for Maya who’s 2 as for Lana who’s 5 – and myself who’s 36.

Handmade eco-friendly wooden animal toys by Esnaf
Lana’s made a squirrel with a wee joey in it’s pouch 🙂
Very proud of my creations.
Half bunny half giraffe?

Support a Small Business!

Since the brand was launched in 2013 Bistra and Anastas have created 5 collections based on the habitat of the animals; e.g. African, Australian and Nordic forest animals. The latest collection is called Game of Dinosaurs, which features the most common dinosaurs. To give them additional value Bistra and Anastas want to create educational videos with the characters in order for viewers to discover curious facts about the animals. Surely something both adults and kids can learn from – and learning through play is how kids learn the best.

Here you can see the different colours of the magnets. Not all toys are just wood-coloured btw, it’s just the ones I liked the most.
Dinosaurs from the new “Game of Dinosaurs” collection. Have you seen cuter dinosaurs?!

BUT, in order to take the dinosaur collection beyond being a prototype and create the educational videos they need help. And this is why they are launching a Kickstarter campaign (the same platform where Matthew also raised money for his children’s book about dementia). They are launching the campaign on Sunday the 14th, so if you want to learn more about Esnaf Toys and get great DISCOUNTS on ALL toys head over to the Esnaf Kickstarter Campaign at 19.00!

Maya’s giraffe baby. She was so gentle with it.
What is great is that these toys aren’t age-specific.

Do take a look at the Esnaf Toys website and let me know what you think! And remember that through the Kickstarter campaign you will get amazing discounts!

Have a lovely weekend!

x Nina x