My Third Trimester (Second Child)

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I guess it’s a good idea to write something about my third trimester now before the baby arrives…I’ll be 39 weeks on Saturday, and although labour started on the due date with Lana you never know what’s going to happen this time. I’m really fed up though so wouldn’t mind if I went into labour tomorrow – as long as the baby is fine of course!

I feel like this pregnancy has been very similar to my first one – apart from the first trimester being tougher this time around. I’ve had the same symptoms and aversions, I’ve gained exactly the same amount of weight and the baby is just as active as Lana was. She’s kicking away like no tomorrow right now too – I really get the feeling that it’s too cramped in there and she just wants to get out!


I’ve been lucky again as in my last three months all I’ve had to deal with is a bit of tiredness (hence less blogging), some sciatic pain (that is pretty much gone now) and heartburn. I only discovered last week that my heartburn is so much better if I drink less, especially with meals. It’s made such a huge difference that I’ve been able to cut down on my Rennie tablets. I’ve been feeling more hot in the third trimester, which isn’t really a problem when you live in Scotland haha.


Lana seems very positive about the baby, and we all already call her by the name to make everything more real. She loves coming to see the midwife with me and is constantly playing games that involve having one of her dolls or balloons underneath her top and then going to the doctor to take it out. She loves playing doctor games, and I’ve explained many times to her that I’m going to go to the doctor, who will help the baby to come out. I think she understands that and that she’ll be a great big sister!


I’m so pleased that I’ve escaped without stretch marks again woohoo. I’ve definitely noticed less hair loss and shinier hair but there’s still no sign of that thick, luscious hair I had with Lana. What has changed though is that I now can go two weeks (probably even more) without washing my hair – and it doesn’t even get greasy or smelly like it normally would after five days! I hope this will continue once the baby is here as there will be more important things to do than to wash my hair…My skin has been good all along and less dry – but as I mentioned in another blog post, it might just be because of my new skincare routine and eating more vegetables and fruit and no dairy on my vegan diet for almost three months now. Who knows?!


I slept well when I was pregnant with Lana, and have been sleeping pretty well now too. I’m lucky as I can easily get comfortable in bed and don’t get any aches or anything. Changing sides in bed is obviously not as easy as before, but with a bit of huffing and puffing I can get there without too much of an effort. I usually feel like I have to pee a few times in the beginning of the night and then once when in the middle of the night, but I pretty much do that when I’m not pregnant as well so it doesn’t really bother me.

When the baby is here I think I’ll sleep in our bed with the baby in a moses basket next to me and Matthew and Lana in Lana’s room so Matthew can put her back to bed if she wakes up and obviously not get woken up too much by the baby. I hope Lana will adapt ok as she’s been coming into our bed and snuggling up really close to me lately – perhaps she can feel the changes coming?…On the other hand she’s also been pretty easy to get to bed lately, which I really hope she’ll keep up!


I’m still in the process of packing my hospital bag, need to finish it tomorrow! I’ve washed most of the baby clothes but still need to figure out where to put them. I’ve been cleaning a bit more lately, bought a few bits and bobs for the baby and been trying to prepare food for the freezer, but not feeling the nesting feelings too much this time. We haven’t gotten a new buggy as the plan is to just carry the baby in a sling or baby carrier until she gets too heavy and continue using the buggy for Lana when she needs it. We’ll see how it goes!



I’m not feeling anxious about labour, just hoping we’ll get one of those big, nice rooms with a pool in the birthing unit again. I guess my first labour was such a positive experience that there’s no need to be anxious either. Can’t wait to bring the baby home and see what Lana’s reaction is. The baby has bought her a pink princess dress that I know Lana will love, so hopefully that will make her welcome the baby even more…:) I also can’t wait to just get a passport for the baby as soon as possible so we can fly to Finland to meet everybody there!

Oh and I can’t wait to start exercising – to the point where I’ve already bought a new running top and been eyeing some new sport tights…I also look forward to being able to wear whatever I want! I’ve even bought some new clothes even though I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear them haha. Hopefully I’ll get back to my old body as quickly as I did with Lana!


I don’t actually have any decent photos of how big I am now, so instead I’ve included some photos of Lana. She loves dressing up and she’s in her Elsa dress pretty much every day…She’s also discovered my clothes that she wants to try on – and as long as I tie them up in the back they’re actually not that bad a fit haha. Trying on the baby’s clothes is also something Lana’s kept herself busy with, but the fit here isn’t as good…

I think that’s all…Wish me luck!

x Nina x

PS. The quality of the photos is terrible, really need to get myself a new phone!