Third Week In Finland

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Guess I’m stuck doing these weekly posts now since I started 🙂 (See what we got up to during Week 1 and Week 2.) Week 3 has gone by just as quickly as the first two weeks, probably because we’ve kept ourselves pretty busy again 🙂

This past week the sun has been out a few days, so I’ve had a chance to top up my tan (if you can call it a tan…) I’ve gotten rid of my winter fur as we say here – meaning I’ve swam outside for the first time this year. Lana dipped her feet in too. I’ve also finally been able to get back into running since my cold is now gone and my arm splint-free. Yes, I’m now adjusting to life with a bare hand 🙂 It’s still a bit stiff, but the more I use it the better it gets!

We’ve also visited Helsinki, picked strawberries on a farm, spent time with family and Lana’s cousins, eaten out on several occasions and more.


We’ve had a few sunny days, but still waiting for temperatures  above 20 degrees…


This photo can’t get much more Finnish with a birch, a lake and forest in the back 🙂


Lana must be the first baby in history not to try and take off her sunnies!


Lana doesn’t look too impressed 🙂


We also visited my brother and had a wee swing with my niece and nephew. My niece had to get her sunnies out too when she saw Lana wearing hers 🙂


On a less sunny day we visited Helsinki with my twin and his familia.


I ate a whole year’s worth of strawberries – and picked a few too.


My dad bought Lana her own swing  – here her older cousin is gently pushing the swing (apparently I wasn’t gentle enough…)


I think this is where she wanted to get out after a fair amount of swinging…


On our way to have some sushi.


A wee man with his dad’s slightly too big sunglasses.

Matthew is here for the fourth and fifth week – nice to have to family in one place again!

x Nina x