This is My Sunday

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Even though I didn’t sleep well last night I woke up this morning feeling energised and decided I’m going to get a lot done today. Since we didn’t have any solid plans I thought it’ll be a good day to do a blog about a very typical Sunday of ours. I love these kind of posts and I hope you won’t find it boring!

Lana woke us up around 9am and since we were both feeling tired (Matthew was out with his friends last night) I put on CBeebies for Lana and went back to bed for another 20 minutes. I asked a hungover Matthew to look after Lana so I could make breakfast, and this is the result…

On Sundays I often make banana pancakes, and since we didn’t have any berries we had them only with yoghurt and honey – which was nice too!

Lana doing her brekkie dance 🙂

After breakfast I knew I had to plan and get the weekly shop done online (I hate doing it!), so that’s what I did. It took me ages for some reason, but now it’s done!

I’ve been annoyed with this mirror ever since we moved in and finally decided it was time to do something about it: paint it! Can’t wait to get the rest of the hallway sorted too…

I gave it a quick sanding and then applied a coat of primer. Already looking better than it was!

Before heading out I managed to talk Matthew into taking a few photos of my outfit on our back “terrace” – and Lana obviously wanted to help…

Matthew felt like some fish & chips would ease his hangover, so we decided to walk over to the Old Chain Pier for lunch.

Only a couple of minutes’ from our flat you’ll find some pretty impressive houses with sea views – I can’t help but wonder who lives in these places and what their lives are like…

We got to the sea, which Lana was extremely excited about and just kept yelling ‘sea’ about a hundred times. She clearly loves the sea just like her mamma 🙂

Some moody skies today.

Keeping ourselves busy whilst waiting for the food. (When will Lana’s hair sort itself out haha?!)

Finally Matthew was fed. I’ve had fish & chips here twice now, and both times the fish has been very fresh and perfectly cooked – recommend!

Afterwards we walked (and slipped) down to the waterfront, and instantly found this wee dead crab.

Lana loved throwing rocks into the water.

We got home around 4pm, just in time for Sunday football…

The food gave me plenty of energy to go for a Sunday run – plus I knew a run would make me feel amazing afterwards.

I’m still discovering the area, and just had to stop and take a photo of this cute house near the shore.

After running 6 km I went to the field at the back of our house to do some jumps and leg exercises. 3 of those windows you see there are ours!

Back home I wanted to tick off some more things from my to do-list, so I started vacuuming – and as always Lana offered her help.

Then it was time for our Sunday Skype with my parents. This time cousin Max was also there and Lana and him took over the call, shaking their heads, hitting their own faces and laughing. Such little weirdos.

Matthew pulled his act together and cooked us a delicious dinner consisting of chick pea patties with guacamole, halloumi and a salad. Yum!

Since it’s Runeberg’s Day (the Finnish national poet) and I had made Runeberg’s tarts yesterday we had that for dessert.

Lana really enjoyed her first ever Runebergs tårta. She started by eating the jam first.

I did another coat on the mirror, this time with the grey Farrow & Ball colour we chose called ‘Worsted’. It’ll need another coat still, but already happy with the look of it.

Matthew put Lana to bed, but whilst I was painting I could hear her huffing and puffing in her bedroom – and I knew she was doing her usual ‘taking off her pyjama’-act. Luckily she didn’t get to the nappy this time…She finally went down at 9.30pm.

Now it’s 10.15pm and I’ve almost finished this post. After publishing it we’ll watch an episode of Eastbound and Down (so funny that this is the second time we’re watching it) and go to bed early.

Tomorrow it’s Monday, which means I’m going into the office and Lana will spend the day with Nana and Pop. Have a great start to the week everybody!

x Nina x