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Ok, this is my go at doing a “restaurant review” post with my not too professional food-photos (thank god for Photoshop). Anyway, last week a good friend of my boyfriend’s treated us to a 4-course dinner at a new restaurant in the Burgh (as the cool kids call Edinburgh):  Timberyard

The restaurant is run by the Radford’s, Edinburgh’s most respected restaurateurs, and takes pride in using local suppliers and seasonal ingredients. As you can see in the main photo, it is a very warm and welcoming place that is stylish and modern at the same time. I think it has a bit of an ‘East London meets Scandinavia’-vibe.

We started by having some bite-sized mini-starters that I forgot to take a photo of…we had all four on the menu, and it was actually the first time I’ve had both lobster and mackerel – loved it. For a starter (top right photo) I had scallops with cauliflower, tiny cute brown shrimps and burnt butter – this was probably my favourite dish and also the first time I’ve had brown shrimp. My main (middle photo) was baked celeriac, creme fraiche, potato skin, salsify, honey and wild herbs – all the flavours worked very well together, so it went down well too! The people who know me know that I wouldn’t go for a sorbet for dessert if there’s something with chocolate on the menu, so since the photo I took didn’t do the dish justice I included the dessert my boyfriend had instead in the photo-collage. I had the chocolate pudding which was divine!

As the restaurant uses seasonal ingredients the menu changes, below is the menu we got to sample:


Yes, I also wondered what salsify, sea purslane, crow garlic and juniper dust was.

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely go there again.

x Nina x