Time to Say Goodbye (again)

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As always, time went extremely fast and our Finland holiday has come to an end. There’s always a lot of mixed feelings involved as I obviously miss Matthew and having our little family intact but feel so at home here in Finland with my family here that I wouldn’t mind staying for longer. Both Lana and I are very comfortable here and she’s enjoying spending time with her mommo and mofa – although she insists on calling them both mommo (granny) 🙂

It’s been a good three weeks. I’ve been working the usual two days per week here as well, which means my parents have been helping out a lot. We’ve spent time in Helsinki and I even went there one my own for one night so I could spend an evening with my friends. So much fun! Lana behaved well and didn’t even wake up properly during the night and stayed in her cot the whole night, which is pretty much unheard of!

I’ve seen friends and family and Lana’s spent a lot of time with her cousins and also met my friends’ kids. As always, my parents have spoiled us and I haven’t cooked, cleaned or washed our clothes…So a big thanks to them once again!

Lana’s made some progress with eating with a spoon and after seeing her cousin Max wearing a bib she now agrees to wear one too, yay! Her vocabulary has expanded, and she now says mommo (granny), Mus (Musmus the cat), Max, mjölk (milk), bröd (bread), bada (bath), park (park), bil (car), båt (boat) etc. Although it has to be said that she’s not exactly pronouncing all the letters, more like just the first syllable – but still very proud! She even said her first very simple sentence when she was in the bath the other night: “more bubbles”. She’s also a very polite one year old as she says “tack tack” (ta ta) when you give her something and often “please” when she wants something – especially when she wants you to come with her.

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This week I’ve had three saunas already – going to miss that as well!

I’ve bought all sorts of entertainment for the flight as well as different snacks, so really hoping it’ll be a good one and Lana won’t try to run away too much…

Tack och adjö Finland, nähdään taas!

x Nina x