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It’s my second last day at work, just can’t comprehend it! Well, actually my last as tomorrow I have an appointment with my midwife mid-morning and then we’re just going for a Christmas lunch with my workmates in the afternoon, so won’t be working much tomorrow – if at all. Last week we finally got a bit of snow, which made this highly inspirational view from my office a bit more interesting to look at. Just read that we’re likely to get a white Christmas in the south of Finland too, so really looking forward to that!

On Saturday we’re flying to Helsinki and I couldn’t be more excited – I’ve been counting the days impatiently for weeks now, so impatiently that I’ve barely been able to concentrate on work… Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas anywhere else, even though we have a Christmas tree and all. I’ve tried Christmas in Spain, Thailand, Australia and the UK, but I just need snow, the cold and Finnish Christmas carols and food to get into the spirit! I guess it’s a matter of creating your own traditions and years of hard work for it to start feeling like Christmas elsewhere…:)

I’ll be in week 33 when flying this Saturday, and although I know there shouldn’t be any problems I can’t help being a wee bit wary about the whole thing. Not because I don’t feel fit for flying, but because I’m scared they’ll start asking questions at the gate and won’t let me fly. I have a note from my midwife stating the due date, but didn’t want to pay extra for a doctor’s note as the airline, KLM, says it’s fine to fly at this stage (I’ve even contacted their customer service).

Last Saturday we had lunch with Matthew’s family at Nonna’s Kitchen (Italian restaurant in Morningside) to celebrate Matthew’s parent’s 33rd (I think) wedding anniversary and exchange Christmas gifts as we won’t be here on the day. Matthew’s sister got us a whole bag of baby stuff (thanks again!), including this really useful indoor thermometer that tells you if the room is a comfortable temperature for the baby by showing different colours:


Blue is definitely not a good colour, not to mention the sad face. And this is after we’ve had the heating on! When I had a closer look it turned out we have a gap in the bedroom window that is letting cold air in…Now I’m starting to wonder whether my constant blocked/runny nose isn’t pregnancy-related, but just a bi-effect from it being so cold in the room? I just get so frustrated with the inability to build warm, insulated houses in this country, aargh! Anyway, we had someone come and look at the window this morning, but they only managed to close the gap a little…If I had the money I would install double-glazed windows asap! (Sorry about the rant guys.)


Not sure if I’ll update my blog during the holidays, will see if I feel like doing so or if I’ll just end up being uberlazy for the whole two weeks…:) I have a feeling that Santa might bring me a new camera for Christmas, so there might be the odd photo post 🙂 Anyway, I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas at this stage already – just in case!

x Nina x

PS. The baby’s got the hiccups again, she has it at least twice a day – so cute.