A Tour of Our Bedroom

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There was such a nice light in the bedroom yesterday, so I decided to take a few photos and show you what it looks like now. I also finally got something up on the wall above the bed, yay! There are still many things I’d like to change and this is not my dream bedroom, but you have to work with what you’ve got and at the moment there are more important things on my mind – such as giving birth!

I actually thought I was going into labour on Tuesday night but the contractions eventually died out and all I got out of it was a sleepless night. A couple of days ago my tooth suddenly started aching, so I was SO relieved to get an appointment for today (happy birthday me!). I really don’t want to experience what both toothache and labour pain combined feels like…Tonight we’re going to get a spicy takeaway and tomorrow walk as much as possible to speed things up a little bit. I’ve decided that I’m having the baby this weekend!

The posters are from Desenio and actually look a bit more colourful in real life than on the website…But I’m sure I’ll get used to them! The shelves and the way they’ve been hung up is also a bit of an eye sore, but we’ve been too lazy to do something about that.

We painted the walls in a very light grey colour instead of white, and I’m glad we did because it gives the room a softer finish. The kitchen actually used to be in the bedroom, and where that closet now is probably where it was. I really hate that wood colour and the heavy sliding doors that keep getting jammed! Been meaning to either paint it all white or to remove the doors and put a curtain there instead – but it’s another one of those projects that we’ve never managed to get to…

It’s nice that our bedroom looks out onto trees and a large green field – such a change to our previous flat. My plants are really thriving as well and have all doubled in size.

It’s lovely to have two windows as well, it makes the room a lot brighter. This is definitely the prettier side of the room haha!

Soon I’ll need to add more photos to our photo grid 🙂

This corner is of quite an awkward shape, and as we didn’t know what to do with it we just left the desk the previous owners had built – and it’s turned out to be quite a nice place for my dear plants.

Time to give Lana a bit of attention…Have a good weekend folks!

x Nina x