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godiva boutique edinburgh

One of the perks of writing a blog is getting invited to different events, such as the Spring Launch Event at Godiva Boutique in the Grassmarket last week. Godiva is full of colourful dresses, carefully sourced vintage and interesting jewellery – a must if you’re into colours and quirky prints!

I finished work at 5.30 and met up with my friend Olli in the Grassmarket before heading to Godiva. When we arrived the place was packed, which is always a good sign! As always with these events, there is lots of bubbles on offer, but we also tried a lovely cucumber and mint juice by Hula Juice Bar. Very refreshing! There were also sweet treats by other local businesses, such as Mary’s Milk Bar, Bains Retro Sweets and Lovecrumbs.

You can’t go wrong with a unicorn on the wall!

It was difficult to take any photos during the first hour or so due to all the people, but still managed to get a sneaky mirror selfie! Felt I should’ve worn more colours to fit in better!

At last, just before the shop was closing I got a few photos of what’s on offer. They stock many different brands from the UK but also other countries – all looking very pastely and perfect for spring/summer. We were offered 15% off everything, but I just wasn’t in shopping mode.

In the back is the vintage room where we spent most of the time there. Oh and look at those floors, all brand new!

My friend Olli happily holding her glass of sparkles 🙂

In a corner of the shop you could get your nails done by Ladyboss Collective (love the name) who have a shop nearby on Candlemaker Row.

After waiting in queue it was our turn to get glittered up!

It wasn’t a real manicure as there wasn’t the time nor the space for that, but we left with glittery nails that have cheered me up for days afterwards!

Illustrator Genevieve Ryan was also there showcasing her lovely prints, that she had also donated several of to the goody bag. We forgot to ask what this building was though.

You can’t have an event like this without a goody bag, so that’s exactly what we were given. Not a bad one with a macaroon by Mademoiselle Macaron, chocolate by Mary’s Milk Bar (yet to try their salty liquorice ice cream!), a necklace by Willow and two posters and two beautifully illustrated postcards! We enjoyed ourselves so much that we were almost the last ones to leave – both making the most out of being child-free haha!

x Nina x

PS. When watching Ladies of London (yes, yes I know it’s a trashy reality TV show but I love it) yesterday they travelled to Edinburgh and actually visited Godiva – and one of them bought a pair of cool vintage jeans shorts the others made fun of haha.