Visiting Edinburgh Farmers’ Market

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Matthew’s taken Lana to see Nana and Pop, so I’m enjoying some me-time listening to Sigur Ros and blogging in my Moomin jammies – not a bad way to spend a Sunday! I even went for a run after fighting the urge to just go down to the shop and get some sweets instead – so glad I didn’t because I’ve got so much more energy now and I’ve come up with a least 4 new blog post ideas!


Yesterday we left the house before noon, which is early for us! We’d decided that it was finally time to visit Edinburgh Farmers’ Market that we’d heard good things about. As you can see t was pretty nippy outside!


The market is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm. We got there just after 12 and it wasn’t too busy at all.


The location is pretty spectacular – yup, that’s Edinburgh castle in the background, just from a more unusual angle!


Both Matthew and I thought there could’ve been a lot more stalls as it looked a bit empty. Who knows, maybe it varies from time to time?


That bread looks so yummy, but we forgot to buy some 🙁


The market is a good place to pick up locally sourced Scottish meat.


The vegetarian in me really hopes these pheasants are just sleeping…


I first thought this was cheese haha. I found Lana sucking on a piece of soap the other day – that little weirdo actually seemed to like it :O


My favourite stall: the chocolate stall of course! I tried some haggis spiced chocolate but went for maple & pecan, forest fruits and Turkish coffee instead…


Matthew got some game for himself and I got me some beetroots that are in season right now. Will turn them into beetroot fritters tonight!


On our way back we stopped by Grounds cafe in Stockbridge to pick up some clean healthy vegan cakes made by Matthew’s football buddy who started a business called Grams. That’s mango/passionfruit and strawberry/basil, and can’t wait to try other flavours too!

Hope you’re having a good weekend too!

x Nina x