Visiting The Kelpies & Culross Village

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We’ve had a great weekend; there’s been sunshine and blue skies and we’ve been driving around in a car on our OWN now that Matthew can drive. This newly found freedom of being able to just get in a car and go wherever we like without having to pack as light as possible and figure out which buses or trains to take is amazing.

I’ve been driving since I was 18 and I have driven on the left side of the road in Australia and New Zealand – but that was when I was young, fearless and child-free. As the years here in the UK have mounted up the threshold has become bigger and bigger and I just haven’t put myself in that situation. Anyhoo, now Matthew can drive so I don’t have to haha. No, I do want to start driving on the left side, and being in the car a lot over the weekend with Matthew kindly sharing all his knowledge has already made me feel a lot more confident.

So, on Saturday and Sunday we borrowed Matthew’s dad’s car and headed out on a family adventure. On Saturday we visited the Kelpies and the village of Culross and on Sunday it was Gullane beach and Archerfield walled garden on the menu. There are so many photos that I will blog about Saturday and Sunday separately.

In the car feeling very excited and ready to go. Check out Matthew’s hand where he’s written which roads to take. So cute. His notes and Google maps didn’t help though as we managed to drive past the Kelpies and had to take a 20 minute detour…But we got to the world’s biggest equine sculptures in the end! And what a day it was for admiring the beautiful 30 metre high silver creations that were opened to the public in 2013.

According to Google “Kelpie, or water kelpie, is the Scots name given to a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. It has usually been described as appearing as a horse, but is able to adopt human form.”

They were shining so beautifully in the sun but it was absolutely freezing so we got back in the car and continued our journey towards…

…one of Scotland’s most picturesque villages; Culross in Fife. Culross was founded in the 6th century and now has a population of around 400 people – tiny place! There was a play park right by the car park so we obviously had to let Lana play for a bit before exploring the village.

It’s a very Instagrammable place with beautiful old houses in various lovely colours.

Love this ochre colour!

Some filming underway. We filmed quite a bit and once Matthew edits it into a vlog I’ll share the video here as well.

A lady actually opened the door having heard Lana’s banging…She was really nice about it though!

Such a shame about the car blocking the view – if it had only been a vintage Porsche instead!

Pretty pretty pretty.

We tried to go to the local pub for lunch, but it was full so we escaped the cold into Jennie’s tearoom instead. Lana was loving her fairy cake.

Little miss Maya came out of the carrier and her winter suit. Not sure who that dude in the corner is…

Sun over the cobbles.

Lana pretending to be a frog. Ribbit.

She’s become very interested in bicycles lately – might be time to get her one soon.

Black and yellow.

There were narrow pathways leading up to a viewpoint which Lana (and myself) found very intriguing.

The village is right by the sea. Across the water somewhere is Edinburgh.

The pink and blue is such a pretty colour combination.

A slide!

The best (often only) way to get Lana to go where you want her to is to chase her. So I turned into mamma monster.

Not sure if those tracks are still used. So close to the water!

We wanted to get home before it got dark so we got back in the car. Both girls were little angels in the car – we almost forgot Maya was there as she was either sleeping or just chilling. Not a single cry all day! (Naturally I had to pay for that the following night when she kept me up till 4am…)

With no dinner in the house we stopped by Sainsbury’s to pick up some pizzas. I know most people probably won’t understand it, but it was such a great feeling to be able to just stop at the supermarket – or wherever we wanted. Need to get a car so we can keep doing that! It makes life so much simpler – especially with two small kids.

Right by the entrance we found these pretty dresses – it was basically Lana’s idea of heaven and she instantly picked out the one she wanted.

She carried it around the shop and we were just waiting for the right moment to distract her and get rid of it. Matthew managed to make it disappear and thank god there was no tantrum at the checkout. Pfeew.

Such a lovely day that we decided to do all over again on Sunday. Well not the exact same thing of course – you know what I mean. Stay tuned!

x Nina x