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In my recent post “Ready for a Baby?” I was asking questions about whether I’m ready to become a parent on a psychological level – which I feel that I am. But I’m also ready on a more practical level as this post will prove to you!


During the past two weeks or so that I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve kept myself busy with purchasing the last necessary items (e.g. the bouncer above that I found in a second hand shop for baby stuff), washing around a hundred loads of laundry, organising all cupboards and drawers, cleaning the flat, helping Matthew set up the cot bed, attending ante natal classes, writing a birth plan, packing my hospital bag – so I’m starting to feel ready to say the least! So far I haven’t been bored once as I’ve had so much to do, but I have a feeling that the last 20 days or so will be all about waiting and looking out for the smallest signs of that labour might be starting…


I’m not a big fan of pink and feel more drawn to blue and grey when it comes to baby clothes – to the point where I was a little worried the baby wouldn’t have any girly clothes. But when I was washing clothes I was relieved to notice that the baby probably won’t be mistaken for a boy after all – there’s enough girly colours too 🙂


The antenatal classes have actually been more useful than I thought (although the teacher was a bit younger than we expected…) The first class was all about the birth itself from a biological point of view as well as the signs of going into labour, and the second class was about pain relief and any external help on offer during labour. As my mum has given birth to 6 children without pain relief (apart from gas and air) I’m convinced that I won’t have to opt for an epidural…Wishful thinking I know! But at least I’m not scared about the birth at this point, more curious. My philosophy is that the baby has to come out one way or another so there’s no point stressing about it!


At first we weren’t going to buy a moses basket or similar, but after assembling the cot bed and realising how huge it would be for a newborn we decided that we need one. Having a moses basket is also good as you can carry it between rooms and have the baby sleep in the same room as you are – which I feel a lot more comfortable with!


And here is the massive cot bed – we’ll just put the moses basket in it at night until the baby is big enough to sleep in it.

Ok, time to get back to my jigsaw puzzle before I have to start cooking dinner for when Matthew gets home in true housewife style…:)

x Nina x