Wedding Time!

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Just a quick post with a few photos from the wedding we attended in Finland a couple of weeks ago. The wedding was so much fun and it was so nice to see everyone in the same place for once. It made me think (once again) about the downside of living abroad: not being able to see the friends you grew up with on a regular basis, not being able to see nephews and nieces grow up and not being able to buy proper cottage cheese, yoghurt and bread of course!

But there are many good things about living abroad as well, like learning about your new home country, the people and the customs every day, appreciating your friends and family more when you actually see them and being able to buy Cadbury creme eggs in the shop. (Sickening, I know, but I still can’t resist.) But nothing is forever, so who knows where I’ll be in a year or five anyway?!


What a gorgeous couple!


Trying to get 15 chicks in one pic is not easy.


Where should the bride go?


Well, almost there. At least 50% of us actually look into the camera.

ninaisakThe cutest little thing. This is the only non-blurry photo where he didn’t squirm like a worm.

girlydancingThe girls rocking the dance floor 🙂


For some reason (hint: see photo) Matthew decided it was a good idea to draw a picture of a hairy Scotsman (himself) in the guest book. Instead of wishing the newlyweds good luck and thanking for the wedding like the rest of us.

Thank you to the newlyweds for a great wedding and I wish you all the happiness!

x Nina x

PS. Quite jealous of the amazing weather in Finland – still waiting for the Scottish summer. (There will be one right?)