Wee Edinburgh

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I’ve been to Edinburgh twice before, so I knew pretty much what to expect when moving here a week ago. Everyone goes on and on about how pretty a city it is – which I totally agree with. (Just look at my professional iPhone photos below.)

Other observations:

1. What I have noticed is how incredibly nice people here are. I’m fully aware of that moving from London (where customer service is extremely inconsistent) accentuates the niceness of the Scots, but I’m still overwhelmed by the helpfulness and kindness of my new fellow citizens.

2. Another thing that struck me the other day is how many elderly people there seems to be here; it made me realise that you rarely see old people in London. Now I know where they all went.

3. The city centre is very much walkable (although hilly) – reminds me of Helsinki where I used to walk everywhere. No more superexpensive £120 monthly public transport passes, yay! Might have to get myself a bike though.

4. Everyone thanks the bus driver when getting out of the bus, and the drivers always wait until any elderly people have sat down – would rarely happen in London.

5. There are tanning studios everywhere. (Don’t understand who actually uses them as I haven’t really seen any tanned people here…)



These photos are taken from Calton Hill right in the city centre. Weather was amazing as usual – but doesn’t make the view any uglier.


You can see the outlines of the castle. (That I still haven’t been up to – apparently it’s more beautiful from afar…)


Scott monument right in the middle of Princes street (main shopping street).


On Calton hill. Behind me (looks like I’m pregnant – which I’m not!) is the Northern part of Edinburgh – more specifically an area called Leith. It’s supposed to have a bit of a ‘Dalstony’ London vibe with more stuff going on, so we are considering moving there. Right now we’re staying with my boyfriend’s lovely folks. (Can’t wait to get our own place though!!)


Yeah, I don’t mind living here.

x Nina x