A Wee Finnish Day Trip

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strömforsin ruukki

We’ve been back in Edinburgh for a month since our almost-a-month-long stay in Finland with my parents, but there are still a few photos from the trip I want to share – the last post from there for sure! On our last full day we decided to do a little day trip with my parents, so we headed East to Strömfors Iron Mill.

The first thing we did was to visit the on-site museum. Lana immediately spotted a couple of toy rats that had been placed in the museum and it took a bit of convincing to get her to leave them behind when we left…

Such beautiful red brick walls and light.

The mill dates back to the 16th century and the golden age of the Swedish iron industry. (Finland was a part of Sweden at that time.)

Behind the museum you’ll find a very Finnish landscape with forest and a lake (and a snake swimming in the water!)

It was also the perfect place for a few preggo shots.

There’s a pretty wooden church nearby, but it wasn’t open unfortunately. Next to the church there was a memorial site for local soldiers who didn’t make it home from the second World War.

Matthew and I had been to the cinema the night before to see Dunkirk, so it all felt a bit more “real” than what it would’ve otherwise.

Now the old mill area is a place filled with local artisan shops and restaurants – and the weekend we visited there happened to be a wee festival on as well. A nice atmosphere!

Lovely red houses!

The arts and crafts weren’t really to my taste, but there were a lot of traditional handicrafts represented so it’s a great place to pick up some Finland-souvenirs.

Very idyllic.

I have so many pics just like this, of my mum taking photos of flowers…:)

Matthew making sure Lana doesn’t fall in.

There were also demonstrations of how the blacksmiths worked back in the day.

Thought these chains looked so pretty on the windowsill so had to take a photo!

It’s a great place to bring your camera to.

Another shop Lana ran into – and I can totally see why she was tempted to do that with all those little things on display.

Traditional Finnish lace-work.

More reflection shots…

They’re admiring the water lilies – no more snakes in sight!

There were just so many little details that I had to capture on camera.

Another beautiful wooden house that I think hosts a restaurant – or perhaps it was a hotel…

We headed to another place where Matthew tucked into a massive portion of ribs and the chef kindly made up a pregnant-friendly vegetarian pasta dish out of pulled oats and veggies.

Yup, he finished it all! He really has to go for it when there’s meat on offer 🙂

One more shot from a different angle just as it started to rain and we decided it was time to leave.

It says on the website that some workshops are open year-round but most of them are open only from May until the end of September. There is also a hiking path called Kukuljärvi that you can experience throughout the year. All in all Strömfors is a nice little destination for a family day out!

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