A Week of Two Emergency Calls

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It’s been one of those weeks where I feel like I haven’t had any time to unwind and just sit down with my laptop and spend some time on my blog – there’s always something to do, someone to feed or laundry to be washed. I’m pretty sure 99% of mums out there are with me on this one! Maybe next week will be more relaxed…

You might wonder what the headline refers to, so let me tell you. On Tuesday evening an alarm suddenly started going off in our next door neighbour’s flat and was ringing still an hour later. Nobody seemed to be at home, and after our neighbours on the floor above us said they could smell something burning Matthew phoned the fire brigade and told them what was going on. Just as he hung up the neighbour came home and told us it was just a faulty alarm.

5 minutes later we could hear sirens coming our way…The sirens got louder and louder until we saw the fire engine pulling up right underneath our window with firemen pouring out. Matthew went down to explain the situation and to apologise, but they told us that they have to come out even though it turns out to be a false alarm – so that felt a bit less embarrassing for us. Good to know though that help is so near! And I think the burning smell our neighbour was smelling was probably my whole cauliflower roasting a bit too much!

The second emergency call we had to do was yesterday when Matthew’s dad’s car wouldn’t start. We parked it for an hour to have lunch, and after we got back the engine just wouldn’t start. Matthew phoned AA roadside assistance and a really nice woman told us somebody would be with us within the hour. It was freezing outside and Lana was monkeying around the car, so we were happy to see our AA hero less than 30 minutes later! He pretty much just took one look at the car and said it was the battery that had died. 20 minutes later he had changed it into a new one and we were on our way. Again, really great to know that help is available just one phone call away!

Yesterday before finding out the car was broken. Such a lad.

We had lunch at Toast  – another great place in Leith I can recommend.

toast edinburgh

I felt there was only one thing to be had at Toast: avocado toast. And coffee. And a fresh green juice. Toast and coffee were great but juice tasted very watery.

Cake lovers in Edinburgh: you need to go to Toast. Having lunch with two small kids meant I totally forgot to have cake, damn.

She melts my heart every day <3 I still haven’t figured out whose eyes Maya has inherited – the colour looks like it’ll be brown like pappa’s but the shape and size of her eyes are still a mystery to me.

Whilst the AA superhero was outside in the cold changing the battery we were inside the car taking selfies. No practical skills whatsoever in our family.

Today we got all dressed up for my friend’s baby shower – and since it’s my mum’s birthday I wanted to take a photo for her with the girls. (Maya aka Tupac is playing it cool.) The whole family was invited, which was nice. We played baby bingo, had some food and then we all, including my friend and her husband, found out if it was a boy or a girl when they popped a massive balloon with blue confetti in it. Such a fun way of revealing the sex! Congratulations on having (another) baby boy Olli and Nathan! <3

And distracted mama here forgot to bring the gift that I left on the fridge so Lana wouldn’t open it…Well will just have to meet up soon again!

Now it’s time for Gomorrah, have a lovely week guys!

x Nina x