A Weekend of Design, Rain & Flat Shopping

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It’s exciting times at the moment. As I mentioned in my last blog post, we’re looking for a place to buy – and I think we’ve found one we want to make an offer on! It’s a bit inconvenient that we’re going to Mallorca for a week on Tuesday morning though, but I’m sure we can work around that somehow.

We had five viewings lined up this weekend but eventually only went to two, partly because of the rubbish weather. Yup, the real Scottish summer is here with rain and 12 degrees! Anyway, this is what we got up to:


On Saturday morning we had a viewing for a one bedroom flat in Bellevue close to Broughton Street. The location was great but the flat was just too small and too expensive. It’s getting pretty clear to us that we need to look a bit further from the city centre if we want two bedrooms within our budget. The back garden was lovely though!


We walked up Broughton Street and decided to pop into Fortitude Cafe so Lana could have lunch and we could try their coffees to see if they’re as good as they say. Not the best coffee I’ve had but pretty good anyway! Whilst in the cafe Matthew spotted the flat we want to make an offer and we immediately set up a viewing for Sunday.


I wanted to visit the yearly Fruitmarket Gallery Design Market, so that’s where we headed next. I really want to get Lana a teepee to play in, but perhaps not the one in the photo as it was £150 (!)


There was a lot of lovely local handicraft and especially many amazing prints that I have a soft spot for. Strangely enough I managed to leave without buying anything!


I’m not sure what these strange swings are supposed to be used for – or if you can even sit on them.


I loved these digitally made prints by littleletterstudio.com that can be personalised if you want to. Maybe something for Lana’s new room…


In the Fruitmarket Gallery shop I found a few things that made me feel at home, such as Moomin cards…


…a Scandinavian Design magazine – can’t wait to start decorating our flat (I know I’m getting ahead of myself haha)…


…and a Nordic cook book.


After the market I dragged Matthew and Lana to Juice Warrior at the New Waverley Arches to finally try one of their juices/smoothies. (Juice Warrior is Scotland’s first certified, organic, raw, cold-pressed juice company.)


To get Lana to sleep we needed to walk around a little, and Cockburn Street is not a bad place to stroll! It’s lined with cute gift shops and eateries and is always buzzing with people.


At the beginning of the street you’ll find the imposing Warriston Close that I just had to take a photo of (again).


One of the cute shops on Cockburn Street is Miss Katie Cupcake – the place to go to if you like quirky vintage jewellery. Not really my cup of tea but definitely a shop you can get lost in for ages.


Lana finally fell asleep almost one hour after her 1pm nap-time, so we decided to take advantage of the situation and quickly get something to eat. Byron burgers happened to be nearby so that’s where we went.


Fuelled by burgers we headed towards Princes Street to do some holiday clothes shopping for Matthew. Lana loves to run around so we had to let her lose for a while in Princes Street Gardens. She loves pushing her own buggy – and other kids’ buggies too!


Nature is just so colourful at the moment with flowers everywhere!


Lana also loves pushing buttons, so we try to let her do it wherever we can. Just look how happy she gets haha. After some Saturday shopping on Edinburgh’s busiest street we finally headed home for some chillaxing. After I put Lana to bed we watched a documentary called Wolfpack – a story about six longhaired boys who’d spent most of their childhood inside an apartment in New York, recreating films to entertain themselves. Check it out!


On Sunday morning we walked through the rain to go see the two bedroom flat we really liked. It was just as good, if not better, in real life too! Let’s see how things evolve…


Again we walked in the rain for ages, all the way to Newhaven right by the shore.


It was the perfect opportunity to try out the Haven Cafe and get a grumpy and hungry Matthew something to eat and myself a warming coffee and a fruit scone…


As it was time for Lana’s nap we headed out in the rain once again and walked all the way home. On the way we bumped into this wee fella, who actually gave me a fright at first…:)

We had two more viewings today but decided to not go to them as they weren’t as nice as the one we’d already seen, and the weather was horrible. I’ve spent the rest of the day washing clothes, packing and cooking as we’re both working tomorrow and Matthew won’t be home until late. So look forward to blue skies and 28 degrees! (Don’t look forward to flying with Ryanair though…)

Have a great start to the week guys!

x Nina x