Weekend Fun

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Hey folks!

Hope everyone’s had a good weekend! My weekend somehow just whizzed by at the speed of light – again. On Saturday we celebrated Matthew’s parents’ 32nd anniversary as well as his dad’s birthday with a long lunch at La P’tite Folie. (It was such a nice lunch that I completely forgot to take photos.)

After the lunch we finally made it to the Starflyer, which I’ve been waiting for for weeks – I love all sorts of rides that go high, fast and upside down. (Perfect thing to do after a 3-course meal as well…) I think Matthew’s brother and I were the only ones who didn’t believe we were going to die up there – and the ride only took a few minutes…Don’t think I’ll ever be able to talk Matthew into anything like that again…Would you do this?





I was too scared I’d drop my phone to take any photos from further up where the view over Edinburgh was even more incredible. Such a weird feeling sitting in a “swing” so high over the rooftops.

After the ride we went to a friend’s place to play some board games and chilling. A perfect Saturday, followed by a super lazy Sunday. I do think it’s good to have days when you literally don’t do anything – and don’t feel guilty about it!

x Nina x

PS. We watched a documentary about Nelson Mandela yesterday, and I’m embarrassed to admit how little I actually know about his life and how much he means to his country. And most of all that apartheid was ended as late as 1994! That is only 20 years ago.