A Weekend in the Lake District

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After work on the Friday after Lana’s birthday 9 of us got into two cars and started driving towards England and the Lake District. It was a bit of an spontaneous trip as we only started planning it two weeks before, but so glad we all got our sh*t together an made it happen because it was so much fun!

We drove through heavy snowfall and windy roads and just as we were about to finish the 3,5-hour car journey poor Lana was sick all over herself and the carseat…She was all unhappy about the mess and kept saying “oh no, mess!”. I hope she hasn’t inherited Matthew’s car sickness gene :/

Anyway, we arrived safe and sound at Will’s parents’ house in a small village near Lake Windermere and after cleaning Lana’s clothes and carseat and giving her a wee wash and changing her into clean clothes we all sat down to a delicious meal cooked by our fabulous hosts Will and Anne. It was a lovely veggie lasagna followed by a amazing passionfruit and banana Eton Mess, yum! Afterwards we had a few drinks and finally got Lana to bed around midnight (!) so we could play some Linkee. It didn’t feel late but somehow we managed to stay up until 3am…

In the morning we had scrambled eggs on toast before heading out into the grey and cold Saturday. We didn’t have a carrier for Lana so there was no serious hiking involved on this trip. We did walk up to a viewpoint from where we had fantastic views of Lake Windermere, and with Lana insisting on walking herself it took us a good while. Afterwards we headed into town and had lunch before going to the supermarket to pick up food for the evening.

We arrived back at the house just in time for rugby (yay). Matthew and I had a go at Checkers, but after losing twice Matthew gave up and joined the others on the sofas. Before starting dinner we went to the local pub for a quick drink – such a traditional, atmospheric pub where I could’ve easily spent all evening. But we had to go back to (try) put Lana to bed. First both Matthew and I tried to put her down, then I tried on my own for ages, then Anne gave it a good go and finally Matthew took over and got her to sleep around 11pm. She looked completely knackered but clearly didn’t want to miss out on all the fun!

We had another delicious dinner consisting of a roasted chicken, aubergine parmigiana, roasted carrots and potatoes, green beans and a kale, squash and feta salad. There was no room for dessert after this meal! We played some more games and went to bed around 2pm. We all slept like babies until 11am – including Lana! We had another scrambled eggs on toast breakfast, packed and cleaned the house and got ready to go to the little coffee shop before heading out for a walk. We walked around 200 metres, after which Lana started crying, it started raining and nobody really felt like going for a walk anymore. Instead we got in the car with James and Minty and started driving back to Scotland, whilst the remaining two couples stayed and watched more rugby.

I was a little bit worried Lana was going to be a bit shy around so many people, but she enjoyed every minute of it and kept forcing everyone, one after another, to play with her – throughout the weekend. Which everyone did <3 Lana loved being the centre of attention and I loved watching her interact with everybody – she’s such a social butterfly. (Had this been my friends there would’ve been around a hundred kids and no chance of getting all this attention haha) On Sunday we all sang Happy Birthday to Lana and she blew out all the candles on her cake (that Minty got her – I’m such a bad mum)! Thank you guys for a lovely weekend!!

Get ready for a tsunami of photos!

x Nina x