A Weekend of Scottish Sun

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We’ve had another great weekend with sunshine and this time also burnt faces and shoulders. And an attempt to do a clear-out that got interrupted by the nice weather…Which I don’t mind in the slightest! This is what we got up to:


On Friday evening we headed to Portobello to say goodbye to our friends who’re moving back to South Africa. It was nice to breathe in the sea for a change!


The leaving party was in a traditional pub with live music and jolly people – I’ve missed that pub atmosphere!


We said our goodbyes and left around 11.30 to go back to a Lana who’s had a bit of a cold. The night was mysteriously misty, so had to stop to take a few photos.


On Saturday we joined Matthew’s parents at the monthly flea market at the Drill Hall in Leith. Here’s Lana hugging a wee statue – she keeps hugging things wherever we go!


Afterwards we walked around a little to get Lana to sleep, and decided to try the new Scandi-inspired cafe/shop (yup, yet another one!) called Art and Vintage in Abbeyhill – but I’ll be blogging more about that later.


I’ve wanted a denim jacket for ages, so just had to buy this one by Levi’s I found at the flea market. Only £10! It’s light with 3/4 sleeves – perfect for summer.


On our way home we decided to try the new ice cream shop on our street called Wendy’s. I didn’t go wrong with Eton Mess! We let Lana try some too but she wasn’t that convinced…At home we started our clear-out that we still haven’t finished…


Sunday started off cloudy, but the sun slowly came out – as did the people!


A friend asked if we wanted to join them for a bbq at the Meadows Park, so we decided to walk there. We walked past the Grassmarket; a historic marketplace right below Edinburgh Castle that was also a place of public executions…Hard to picture that on a sunny day like this!


Matthew was starving so he went to get a sandwich whilst I climbed up the Vennel stairs to get a photo of the castle from a more unusual angle.


We made it to the Meadows Park, as did quite a few other people by the looks of it! Lana enjoyed the picnic and kicking a ball around – Matthew thinks she’s got serious football skills…I covered Lana in sunscreen but forgot to bring it with me, which resulted in burnt shoulders for me and a red face for Matthew 🙁


On the way home we popped into the Hidden Doors Festival on King’s Stables Road. It’s a 9-day art/music/cinema/poetry festival that we’ve been to before and I would’ve loved to go to tonight as well as Lanterns on the Lake are playing, but I’m a parent now so things aren’t that easy haha.


Just one more shot of the magnificent castle on our walk back! Now we’re home nursing our sunburns and continuing the damn clear-out. Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!

x Nina x

PS. If you’re looking for a good TV show to watch I recommend Transparent. It’s funny, unpredictable and just a bit bonkers. Definitely not your typical American drama series. Check it out!