We’re Back!

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…and we’re back safely in the motherland. Seems like we only just left – which I guess we did! It’s good to be back though, especially in autumn – my favourite season. 


Travelling with Lana went well. On Edinburgh airport we got to skip the massive check-in queue, which was very nice! The first flight went very smoothly as Lana slept through it – after having explored her surroundings carefully of course. The stopover was just an hour and I found an airport stroller quickly so it went pretty smoothly too.

The second flight, however, was spent holding a wriggly Lana who wouldn’t stop babbling in a very loud voice. The businessman sitting next to us was smart to move seats right in the beginning. (He said it would be easier for us if he moved and that the noise had nothing to do with it. Yeah right haha!) I think we went through all toys I brought with me and I even got so desperate that I let her hold my not so clean keys that Lana loves. Anyway, we landed safely in Helsinki at 7.30 pm and within 2 hours I had already had rye bread and my first sauna 🙂


She follows. Wherever her cousin goes Lana goes too 🙂


It’s my piano – no it’s MY piano!


The weather’s been sunny but quite chilly, which means little people need to dress warmly when going outside 🙂

I haven’t really made many plans for our stay, will just take it as it comes and chillax. Have a nice Sunday everyone!

x Nina x

PS. Just found out that 3 of my friends are pregnant again, so massive congratulations to them once more – you know who you are! 🙂