We’re Moving!

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princes street gardens

We’re moving to our new flat this Saturday and it feels surreal, exciting and sad at the same time. Surreal because we haven’t really allowed ourselves to get too excited before we get the keys and are hence maybe not all that prepared mentally. Exciting because we’re finally moving into a place that we can call our own and do whatever we want with, yay! And sad because the flat we’re in now is where Lana spent the first 1,5 years of her life and for some reason I don’t like the thought of strangers moving into “our” home…Can anyone relate?

I’ve booked a man with a van for Saturday and Matthew has been collecting boxes from supermarkets since he refuses to buy them online…We also packed a few boxes last weekend and bought some bubble wrap, so I’m hoping we’ve prepared enough…In my mind the actual moving of our stuff won’t take more than 2 hours, but I might be totally wrong! I just look forward to opening a bottle of fizz on Saturday night in our own living room!


Today we’ve had one of those rare days of sunshine from sunrise till sunset, which had to be taken advantage of – so I headed out with Lana before 10am. I had to pop in to my bank to ask where my damn closing statement for my help to buy ISA account was – and ended up waiting for an hour and then another 40 minutes for them to get a new one sorted out. Grrr! Trying to entertain and keep Lana quiet for an hour and 40 minutes is NOT fun.


At the bank they were showing the news with a story of a young British backpacker getting stabbed to death at a hostel in Queensland, Australia – a hostel I’ve stayed in!…Crazy.

When we finally left the bank it was lunch time so we met up with Matthew and went to Princes Street Gardens via Pret. Lana kept running over to people sleeping/resting on the lawn, almost waking them up – so as usual lunch was not a relaxed affair with Lana involved.

activated charcoal

After lunch Lana fell asleep and I did a bit of shopping. On my shopping list was activated charcoal that my friend told me is great for whitening teeth – so fingers crossed it’ll work!


After Lana woke up we headed to the Botanics to enjoy the amazing weather a bit more. Lana decided to do a bit of gardening whilst there.


What I imagined would be a relaxing stroll in the sun was actually a stressful and sweaty couple of hours trying to make sure Lana picked as few planted flowers as possible, didn’t pull up the signs and didn’t try to run away (which she always does).


She’s so fast – that’s how far she got during the time it took me to find my phone so I could take a photo! I was exhausted after running after Lana and pushing the buggy so at 4pm I decided it was time to just go home even though it was still sunny and warm. She must’ve been tired as well since she didn’t put up the usual massive fight when trying to put her in her buggy (sometimes I can’t even do it on my own – she’s too strong!).


For dinner I made my new favourite warm salad: roasted butternut squash, fennel, garlic and walnuts with pearl barley and feta. So simple yet so nice.


As so many other people, I also love playing around with filters on Snapchat…That’s all I use it for actually haha. I wish I could always look like this! Such perfect flawless skin.


This could be either a really great or really terrible idea for a fancy dress party…Or are watermelons even big enough for a human head?…Hmm.

x Nina x