We’ve Been Better

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The sun is back after a long, grey and rainy period – and the beautiful winter light just makes me want to take my camera with me everywhere. It’s gotten pretty cold too, which means I’m struggling to figure out what the girls should be wearing in order not to be cold or sweaty. And struggling to keep those gloves on Maya. It’s not easy stuff! But I much prefer it this way instead of rain and clouds!

I feel like we’ve been ill constantly for the past few weeks – probably because we have! Guess we’re getting used to all the Finnish bugs. I know this is probably still just the beginning of a long winter full of illnesses, but I have to complain a little bit now that Lana just got her second eye infection and Maya got a fever again. (I bet she’ll get the eye infection too.) Oh, and I have a sore throat again and also trying out an eye infection…And of course all of this is sprinkled with Maya keeping us awake at night. So we’re still a pretty tired bunch.

Matthew was lucky enough though to get a week’s worth of rest and undisturbed nights up in Tromsö where he visited for work. Lucky bastard. I, on the other hand, have not been able to rest, and think that’s why I got another cold. But hey, things could be a lot worse!

The week without Matthew went really well. First we spent the weekend in Porvoo with my parents where Lana had lots of friends to play with and then we came back to Helsinki on Sunday evening. The girls were well behaved and easy to get to bed the whole week, almost like they knew they had to help me out and not be annoying. Maya was annoying during the night though, can’t deny that. I guess I’m the strict one though when it comes to dinner and bed times, and just generally the boss who gives all the orders – so maybe they knew there was no point rebelling with just me in the house. Either way I’m grateful everything went so well and feel like I will be fine next time Matthew goes away.

As I’ve mentioned (about 10 times haha), Maya is still not sleeping any better at night. It’s actually been worse – which isn’t strange considering she’s been ill so much lately. But, on top of Maya waking me up 50 times per night I also struggle to fall asleep and feel like I’m never in a deep sleep. I’m just subconsciously stressing and waiting for the next time Maya will start crying. I have to say I’m a bit worried about what not sleeping enough is doing to my health. It’s been almost 4 years of this..! I just hope there won’t be any long term damage!

I’ve been meaning to wean Maya off night time feeding (again), but I don’t want to do it when she’s ill. So maybe in spring haha! I’ll go to Porvoo tomorrow with her so Matthew and Lana can get some sleep though. Matthew is delighted to be upgraded to a real bed from his mattress on the living room floor…

Because we’ve been in a bit of an illness/sleep deprivation bubble we’ve become those parents who forget it’s photography day at nursery and just rock up late (as usual) and see all the dressed up kids with their parents. We hadn’t signed her up for it either like you were supposed to, but they agreed to take photos of Lana too when Matthew asked. I’ve been forgetting pretty much everything that has to do with Lana’s nursery and they must think I’m a very distracted, unorganised individual. (Which is not true!) So today I tried to explain that we’re just a bit sleep deprived and ill and basically blamed everything on Maya…Turns out there’s a concert they’re supposed to go to tomorrow that I had also forgotten about. Luckily they reminded me so we won’t be late tomorrow!

Last Sunday we visited a really small but all the more authentic Christmas market at Kaurilan Sauna. Such a cute place! Matthew has also experienced his first “scraping ice off the car windows” session. Just look how concentrated he was!

Time to go to bed. Next post will be about other things than just sleep deprivation and being ill!

x Nina x