What’s Inside the Scottish Baby Box?

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Today was my last day at work and on Saturday I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant, crazy stuff. Saturday will also be our first wedding anniversary – can’t believe we’ve been married for a year already! On the 27th is my birthday and on the 28th the baby is due to arrive – if she’s as punctual as Lana was. Since Matthew just started a new job he’s not entitled to paternity leave, but has booked in two weeks of unpaid leave starting on the 30th of October. So to not mess that up the baby really needs to arrive on time…

Anyway, let’s get to the point; the Scottish Baby Box! The box has been inspired by the Finnish baby box, and is given to all pregnant women to ensure all babies born in Scotland have the best possible start in life. It’s been criticised by many as being a vanity project, and I’ve felt a bit guilty for ordering one as I could really manage without – but on the other hand it’s things like these that make you feel like your government maybe cares a little bit…

After having to apply for it twice and the box being delivered to the wrong address it finally arrived yesterday – or I picked it up next door after the postman told me he saw it lying around in the stairwell a few doors away!

The box is black and white and designed by an art student – love the Loch Ness theme, very Scottish. I think the idea is that you can colour it in yourself and on the lid you can write the baby’s name and time of birth. Maybe I’ll let Lana lose with some colouring pens…However, I immediately noticed a problem with the box when trying to move it: there are no “handles” on the sides like on the Finnish boxes, which makes it tricky to lift.

At first sight the contents remind me a lot of the Finnish boxes with its unisex colours. Never thought I would say this but a bit more colour (or stronger colours) and bolder patterns would’ve been nice!

There were some really useful things that we don’t have, such as the digital ear thermometer, bath and room thermometer and travel changing mat. Other useful things that will be used for sure are the maternity pads, the breast pads, the muslin cloths, the play mat and the clothes. It’s nice that the baby will have some clothes of her own as well and not have to inherit everything from Lana…I especially like the fleece jacket as it’s something Lana wore a lot and I know will come in handy.

Items I wasn’t too impressed with quality-wise was the bath towel, the bath sponge, the comforter toy and the play mat.

I didn’t expect to find a baby wrap in there, so was positively surprised by that. We have one already, but his one seems a lot lighter and less hot so look forward to trying it.

I will use the box as a crib for the baby in the living room so I don’t have to keep moving the moses basket around. Me and my brothers have all slept in a box just like this, but I wonder how many babies here will actually sleep in the box as it might seem a bit odd to some people to put a baby in a box…

Here’s a list of the contents in case you want to know more details.

What I thought was a lovely touch was that there was also a welcome poem for the wee one, written by Scotland’s National Poet Jackie Kay in 2016.

All in all I’m pretty pleased and do think we’ll use most of the things in the box!

x Nina x