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One of the best things about autumn is getting all excited about knitting again and planning all my projects. Recently a few people have asked me where I get my knitting patterns from, so I thought it could be a good idea to write down some tips in a blog post. I also realised that I haven’t shown you guys the three jumpers I have successfully finished – so I had to force Matthew to take some photos of me, which he was very happy about.

I’ve only been knitting for a couple of years, so I’m in no way an expert – but I do have some tips on where you can find easy and timeless patterns. And I know there are many people who would like to start knitting, but don’t know where to start, what to knit or where to find the patterns. Because let’s face it, is there anything better than creating something from scratch with your own wee hands?! It is very satisfying and addictive I can tell you!

So let’s get started. I’m just going to list the places that I’ve been getting most of my knitting patterns from below. If you have any good tips for other sources for me, please share in the comments!


I’ll start with PetiteKnit as I’m currently knitting a cardigan for Lana by them. And when I’m finished with that I’ll start knitting the same cardigan for myself – just a bit bigger haha. It’s a Danish woman who’s behind this brand – and I love the Scandinavian vibe her patterns have. They are both timeless and trendy at the same time and I would honestly knit every item on this site – this how good they are. My new favourite pattern source for sure!

What is also great is that the patterns are available in 7 languages and that there is a special section for beginners. The cardigan I’m knitting is the Novice Cardigan in mohair (using Drops mohair), and I can’t believe how easy it is! You just knit it from the neck down in one go more or less. There are several different Novice knits, which I really recommend for beginners! I also bought the Holiday Slipover pattern, which is really fun to knit. I finished it in a week and really like the outcome. The September Sweater is quite a popular one on Instagram, and one I will definitely make at some point!

The Novice Cardigan Mini by PetiteKnit I’m knitting for Lana at the moment. The yarn I’m using is Drops Kid Silk in colour mauve.
Mohair is a lot easier to knit with than what people think! Usually you use two or three strands together, which makes the yarn thicker.
The Holiday Slipover by Petiteknit. Easy, fun and quick!
I really like that the armholes are generous as it makes it easy to slip the slipover over bigger garments too.


This is where it all started for me.When first googling for patterns I ended up on the Garnstudio website and became familiar with the wonderful world of Drops yarns. Here you’ll find 136 670 free knitting and crochet patterns in 16 different languages – as well as 1543 tutorial videos. So this really is a good place to start if you’re a beginner!

Let’s talk about Drops yarns. These are my go to yarns – they are good value for money, widely available and come in the most perfect shades. If you can’t find a colour/shade you like here then there must be something wrong with you. Haha. And what I really like is that all the Drops yarns belong to a yarn group (A-F), which makes it so much easier to compare the yarns and find a substitute.

A fraction of the hats I’ve knitted during the past few years. A simple hat is the perfect thing to knit if you’re a beginner!


If you don’t speak Finnish you can skip this bit as all the patterns are in Finnish I’m afraid. Or maybe you could use Google Translate…The Rknit patterns are by Reetta Pelli – a sustainable fashion blogger and knitting addict living in Oslo. Her creations are minimalist, timeless and simple. Me like.

Reetta points out that since she’s just an enthusiast and not a knitting professional, the patterns might not be perfect. Two of the jumpers in this post are knitted with her patterns, and I thought they were both easy to read and make. Plus I was happy with the result, so will be making more for sure. She just released a new easy pattern for a beanie, which I think I’m going to try. Because I need more hats haha.

rknits oversized balloon sleeve cardigan
This is the oversized balloon sleeved cardigan knitted in a fake patent stitch, which is a lot quicker and easier than a real patent stitch. I think I used Adlibris Alpaca Cloud yarn for this one – a superlight yarn.
I love how big the cardigan is.
I wear it all the time and thinking about knitting another one in another colour…There is no end to my queue of projects!
Another pattern by Reetta – the Oslo Cardigan. It was supposed to be an oversized cardigan, but since I knit pretty tightly and because of the yarn I used it turned out the opposite.
It is a bit tight around the armholes but still wearable. Another very easy pattern!
This cardigan is knitted with Adlibris Socki yarn.


Another cool Scandinavian site for patterns is the Norwegian HipKnitShop. Don’t worry, the site and patterns are also available in English. Here you can find really nice patterns for women, men and kids as well accessories and the most adorable toys in their friend section. They also sell their own yarn, which takes away the risk of getting the wrong type of yarn for your pattern (been there, done that).

I knitted the Chunky Freya Sweater with their hip mohair yarn in the colour more marmalade, and again I felt that it was a such an easy pattern perfect for beginners. I love mohair btw and don’t really want to knit jumpers with other yarns at the moment. It’s so light yet warm and easy to wear underneath a jacket as it’s not too chunky. I’ve also bought patterns for some of the HipKnit friends, but haven’t actually knitted them yet.

The Chunky Freya Sweater by Hipknitshop.
This sweater is knitted with Hipknitshop’s own mohair yarn in the colour marmalade.
I love that you can wear this sweater both ways.


Novita is a Finnish family business and their website is where I go when I want to knit woollen socks. And Novita’s Seitsemän Veljestä is the yarn I use. But there’s much more than that, such as jumpers, accessories, baby clothes and toys. There are free patterns too and they come in Finnish, Swedish, English and German. Lots of nice patterns here as well, and what makes it easier is that you can just use Novita Yarns, which are affordable, good quality and available even in supermarkets here in Finland.

Novita Knits basic woollen socks
My latest woollen socks – just a basic pair by Novita using the 7 veljestä yarn. The heel is reinforced, which makes these socks more durable.
lace woollen socks novita
Another pair I knitted a while back. Can’t find the pattern on the Novita site although I’m quite sure that’s where I found it…


Another one woman business is Lykkeliten. Victoria, who runs the show, knitted her first item when she was 4 years old – so this woman sure knows how to hold a pair of knitting needles! There’s not a super big selection, but the ones that are there are made with love. Her style is quite feminine with a modern twist and there’s a few pieces in lace knitting if you’re into that. I haven’t actually knitted anything by her yet, but still wanted to include Victoria because I love what she does and I want to support small (female) entrepeneurs.

I can’t remember all the places I’ve sourced patterns from, but these are the places that came to mind straight away and which I’m currently using. What I also want to say to the people out there who are wanting to get into knitting but who’re perhaps a bit scared to do it, that YouTube is full of knitting tutorial videos for every type of stitch and technique you can imagine. Could not have finished my knitting projects without YouTube to be honest! I’ve watched the same few seconds over and over again on countless videos haha.

Hope this blog was useful to some of you out there!

x Nina x


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