Whitening Teeth With Banana?

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My teeth have always been fairly white, but I’ve noticed them getting more and more yellow the older I get – and I don’t like it! Whitening teeth professionally isn’t really something I feel like I want to spend loads of money on just yet, and my teeth have become a lot more sensitive since having Lana that I’m also worried it might hurt.


A while back I tried whitening my teeth with a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric (yes, the orange stuff that stains easily!) but gave up after a few attempts since I didn’t see a difference and I really hated the taste. Plus it takes ages to rinse your mouth afterwards!

So when I watched a video by a blogger (I trust to give good advice) about how she’d whitened her teeth with banana I obviously had to try it. It’s a natural, extremely cheap and non-abrasive way of whitening teeth as well so there was nothing to lose. Apparently the high amounts of potassium, magnesium, and manganese in a ripe banana helps remove stains and whiten your teeth.



It’s really simple: first take a piece of tissue and wipe your teeth dry. Then just take a couple of strips of banana skin and rub the inside bit over your teeth for about 2 minutes. According to the instructions you need to do this more or less every day for a week and then a couple of times or so per week to “top it up”.

I did this almost every day for 10 days and after the first time I thought I saw a difference, but I don’t know if that was just wishful thinking because after that I couldn’t see my teeth getting any whiter. So sorry to disappoint you guys! The Internet is full of success stories though, so maybe my teeth just weren’t banana-compatible?! If you decide to give it a go yourself please let me know how it went!

x Nina x

PS. Next thing I’ll be trying is activated charcoal – fingers crossed it works!