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Whitening Teeth With Banana?


My teeth have always been fairly white, but I’ve noticed them getting more and more yellow the older I get – and I don’t like it! Whitening teeth professionally isn’t really something I feel like I want to spend loads of money on just yet, and my teeth have become a lot more sensitive since having Lana that I’m also worried it might hurt.


A while back I tried whitening my teeth with a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric (yes, the orange stuff that stains easily!) but gave up after a few attempts since I didn’t see a difference and I really hated the taste. Plus it takes ages to rinse your mouth afterwards!

So when I watched a video by a blogger (I trust to give good advice) about how she’d whitened her teeth with banana I obviously had to try it. It’s a natural, extremely cheap and non-abrasive way of whitening teeth as well so there was nothing to lose. Apparently the high amounts of potassium, magnesium, and manganese in a ripe banana helps remove stains and whiten your teeth.



It’s really simple: first take a piece of tissue and wipe your teeth dry. Then just take a couple of strips of banana skin and rub the inside bit over your teeth for about 2 minutes. According to the instructions you need to do this more or less every day for a week and then a couple of times or so per week to “top it up”.

I did this almost every day for 10 days and after the first time I thought I saw a difference, but I don’t know if that was just wishful thinking because after that I couldn’t see my teeth getting any whiter. So sorry to disappoint you guys! The Internet is full of success stories though, so maybe my teeth just weren’t banana-compatible?! If you decide to give it a go yourself please let me know how it went!

x Nina x

PS. Next thing I’ll be trying is activated charcoal – fingers crossed it works!

Nina Äikäs

  • Ia

    Hej! Har du testat activated charcoal? Man kan köpa kapsylerna på Holland & barrett, sen klipper man itu kapsylen och tvättar med halva pulvret i fem minuter med tandborste. Tvätta sen med vanlig tandkräm. Works wonders och tänderna känns ren rena xxxx

    August 23, 2016 at 2:59 pm
      • Ia

        E de månne där omkring £5 och då har du ju för en livstid. Activated charcoal kan va bra att ha hemma om Lana får i sig nåt giftigt för då absorberar det giftet.

        August 23, 2016 at 3:58 pm
  • Annika B

    Jag skulle aldrig ha vågat testa med gurkmeja, just pga av att allt som kommer nära den krydda FÖRBLIR GULT! Jag berättade säkert med för 2 år sedan var jag till tandläkaren och göra “värin poisto”. Det var en naturlig metod men såååååå painful. Läkarn sprutade med någon slags painepesuri på mina tänder en mix med vatten och soda. Det gjorde inte ont under behandlingen, men trycket hade varit så hårt för mina tandkött, så de blödde åtm 1vk efter och var så onda. Så gör inget sådant!!

    August 30, 2016 at 11:46 am
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