Why Cross-Country Skiing is the Best Sport Ever

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As I’ve been going on about how much I want to go cross-country skiing I thought I’d write a post about why I like it so much – accompanied with photos from my much-awaited skiing sessions of course!

I was only able to go skiing twice before I got a cold – once again one of those annoying ones where I’m definitely not ill enough to lie in bed but not well enough to do any sports 🙁 But since the sun is shining today I think I might still go for a little walk with Lana…

Here’s why I love cross-country skiing (even though the photos should speak for themselves):

It’s the best exercise as it works all of your major muscles without putting too much strain on your joints.


Skiing is just so relaxing for mind, body and soul – everything’s nice and quiet and you can actually hear your own thoughts.


It won’t get boring as there are two different styles to choose from: classic and skate skiing. You can buy specific skating skis, but I just use normal classic skis for both styles and it works fine.


Skiing is a great sport to practise on your own or with others.


You get to enjoy beautiful scenery and nature – along with fresh wintry air of course. (Depends on where you ski though of course!) I’m lucky as there is a ski trail so close to my parents’ house that I can just put the skis on right when I get out the door and ski all the way to the trail over the fields.


Cross-country skiing really helps you work up a sweat as you can see!


I’ve been trying to introduce Lana to some winter sports as well, but she really seems to hate snow. (Can’t believe this is my brave little girl!) She starts crying if I put her down in the snow and won’t move one inch – it’s like she thinks you can’t walk in snow?!


Lana was not impressed when granddad took her sledging either. (That’s not a smile on her face.)


She stood in that same spot the whole time – she’s only smiling here because she knows she’s not supposed to take her mittens off.

I’ve taken her out in the snow every day now to get her used to it, but it’s been a week now and she still seems to hate it. But we’ll get there, my daughter isn’t going to be a snow-hating city girl!

x Nina x