Winds of Change

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Things are finally moving forward and the future looks a lot clearer for me, which is such a relief as I feel about 90% less stressed. Now I can just focus on preparing for Christmas and enjoying the holidays before our new life begins at the beginning of January!

So, what’s happened is that I have found a company to sponsor my 6-month Digital Marketing course! I will be studying but also working full time for a small Finnish company called Gymnation that sells high quality and ethically produced sportswear. (All products poduced in Europe!) I’ve been to a few interviews with other companies, but it just hasn’t felt right. At my interview with Gymnation I instantly felt like it was a good match, and I really felt like they wanted me to work for them. So if I don’t mess everything up big time I should have a steady job at the end of these six months!

mighty solo activewear

Last week I signed the contract both with the owners of Gymnation as well as the Marketing Institute where I’ll be studying. I’ll be focusing on social media and digital marketing at Gymnation, but the owners have already made it clear that they’re happy to get my input on many more things, such as the design of the products. I would love to learn more about that process, so it feels very exciting!

I hadn’t even properly realised how draining and stressful it is not knowing what the future will bring and constantly preparing for interviews and trying to please people…I feel so de-stressed now, and I can notice my change in stress levels the most when I’m with the kids. Since I’ve been behaving more relaxed they have too – which has resulted in the girls just being so much easier to manage. I was looking forward to preparing for Christmas and getting some painting etc. done before Nana and Pop arrive on Saturday – but Maya had other plans…She’s had a high fever for the past few days and it looks like she might not go to nursery at all this week. If she does, it’ll probably be Friday – but I’m pretty sure Lana will have gotten ill by then…

mighty solo sportswear

My new job will obviously also affect the girls and Matthew. Up until now I’ve taken care of the nursery runs, food shops, cleaning the house etc. Now the girls will be going to nursery for five days a week, around 8 hours per day instead of 7. Some days probably more. We will need to figure out who takes them in the morning and who picks them up in the afternoon. Gymnation are looking for an office space, so in the beginning I’ll work from home – but at some point both Matthew and I will have to travel an hour or so to get to work. Not ideal, but luckily he can work from home at least one day per week and so can I – maybe more than one too in my case.

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I’ve also made it very clear to Matthew that I won’t keep doing most of the chores around the house anymore. It’ll be 50-50 when I start working! Will need to come up with some sort of clear house work schedule since I don’t want to be nagging at Matthew every time it’s his time to vacuum etc…

Anyhoo, I’m excited for next year and what it’ll bring with it. Such a great finish to this year! I’m also so grateful that I managed to find a company to sponsor my course as it was only 17 people out of almost 200 who did that. Bring on 2020!

x Nina x

PS. What is quite funny is that right before I went for my interview with Gymnation I agreed to do a collaboration with a Swedish activewear brand called Mighty Solo. First sports brand to ever contact me! From now on I don’t think I will feel comfortable doing any collabs with activewear brands, but as I already agreed to do this I might as well share my discount code for Mighty Solo here as well! So, for the next 3 months you’ll get 15% off at with the code mightynina4 (best code ever haha). Their clothes are very comfy and they stay in place when exercising – it’s the top and leggings you see in the photos. Actually probably the comfiest gymclothes I’ve ever worn! But then again I haven’t tried Gymnation’s clothes yet! ;D