Yea or Nae?

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Hello from a referendum-mad Edinburgh!

It’s exciting times we’re living in. On Thursday the 18th of September Scotland will vote on independence from the United Kingdom, and it’s nothing you can miss being here in the midst of it. If you look around you’ll see Yes or No stickers in every other window, people wearing Yes or No badges, eager campaigners on every street corner, debates on TV every time you turn it on and the news don’t seem to talk about anything but the independence referendum. The nation is divided at more or less 50/50, so it can go either way – which makes the situation even more interesting. It’s a historical vote, and I’m quite excited to be living here during times like these – I’m sure it’s big news all over Europe too. However, I’m ready for this madness to end and for the whole thing to just be over with already!

You’re probably wondering what I’m going to vote, but I’m sorry to disappoint you as I’m still undecided. There are good arguments on both sides that I can fully stand behind, and I go from no to yes to no to yes several times a week. In essence, the Yes campaign that is supported by the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) claims that decisions for Scotland should be made in Scotland by Scottish people and that Scotland should be in charge of all the money generated by the Scottish industry and not pay huge taxes to England anymore. The No campaign is backed by all the leading UK parties, and they think Scotland and the rest of the UK is better and stronger when staying together. Their major concerns are financial, such as how will Scotland provide for it’s ageing population and what would the currency be of an independent Scotland?

If you’re interested to know more, The Guardian has put together a good and concise overview with everything you need to know about the vote.


This was taken quite a while ago, so there are more signs in the windows now. The Yes campaign is definitely more visible, and the supporters are more vocal about their beliefs than the No people.


Some streets seem to be no-streets and other yes-streets.


There are all sorts of leaflets being handed out to homes with information about the referendum.

As I haven’t been born and raised here I don’t think I can feel as passionate about independence as the Scots, but I think it’s a very important decision that I don’t want to take lightly – especially now when my child will be half Scottish. I wish I could feel strongly about either side instead of pondering whether I’m making the right decision or not. For me a No vote would in some ways be more of a head-decision whereas a Yes vote would be more of a heart-decision. If I vote Yes it’ll partly be because we’ll never know what an independent Scotland would be like if we don’t take the risk, and who knows when we would get this chance again?

I guess I’ll decide when I’m in the voting booth – I hope my gut feeling will step in and take over.

x Nina x

PS. Thursday the 18th is also the day of our second scan, and hopefully we’ll be able to find out if we’re having a girl or a boy. I’m convinced it’s a girl and Matthew thinks it ‘s a boy, so can’t wait to prove him wrong =)