Yet Another Finland Holiday

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I feel like I’ve done hundreds of these ‘holiday in Finland’ blog posts (probably because I have) but here we go again! This time we spent only two weeks in my motherland, and I have to say that it felt a bit too short – three weeks seems to be the optimal time. It was another good holiday, very relaxing this time with less plans and the cold weather keeping us inside more.

We arrived on Tuesday and on Wednesday and Thursday we went for a run – but after that I didn’t do any physical exercise and mostly concentrated on eating chocolate instead…And I definitely felt a lot more sluggish and had less energy because of that. Getting back on track now! There was only a little bit of snow when we arrived, but a few days later…

…it started snowing! This is the view of my parents’ garden.

Lana was ecstatic when she saw the snow and just wanted to put her shoes on so she could go outside.

The cousins with a 2 month age gap were reunited again and together ganged up on poor Mus Mus the cat. Max and Lana got on well again but they weren’t too keen on sharing toys and there was a lot more pushing and hitting going on than before.

Lana’s other cousins visited a few times and for the first time there was a bit more playing together even though there is more of an age gap here. I could see Lana starting to look up to her “big” cousins.

These were the best photos I got haha.

On Saturday it was New Year’s Eve and Matthew and I went to Helsinki and Lana stayed with mommo and mofa. Woohoo! We stayed in my mum’s flat and tried to take a couple selfie before our guests arrived – not an easy task when Matthew is involved!

We had a few glasses of bubbly at my mum’s flat and then walked to Iso-Roba to have dinner at Natura restaurant.

We went for the 7-course tasting menu and the food was amazing – I even had an oyster (!) The only food pic I managed to take was this one of our main dessert. I think that was freeze-dried yoghurt with a sorbet underneath, but can’t remember what flavour…

Just before midnight we moved on to another place for some more drinks – this is our happy new year photo! There was no partying into the wee hours though as Matthew started feeling a bit sick to his stomach – so we left around 2am. It was so nice to catch up with our friends though and he was fine in the morning thank god!

It’s impossible to visit my hometown without having at least one meal at Zum Beispiel. There are several good restaurants in Porvoo, but many of them are quite expensive. This place is affordable with good food and stylish, relaxing surroundings. The home made breads are heavenly!

Lana actually had a fever for two nights during the first week so I cancelled our plans to see my friends and their kids – but luckily she seemed fine during the days and it never got any worse than that.

During the second week the temperature suddenly dropped till -20 and even colder at night. Reading is an excellent way of spending your time when it’s too cold to go outside!

Having grown up with 5 brothers and 4 cousins who were all boys it feels strange to suddenly have more girls in the house.

Nicole is very much into her memory games so we had a fair few games. Here Matthew thought he could beat her – without success of course.

There is never a quiet moment when my niece and nephew visit.

Poor Matthew got attacked by three vicious kids.

He made it out alive in the end though.

We also spent one day in Helsinki – a freezing day as you can see from Lana’s red cheeks!

We had lunch at Cafe Köket – a great place if you have children who find it difficult to sit still.

Lana was too busy to even have lunch.

Afterwards we walked one block to the right to the Helsinki City Museum located in one of the oldest houses in Helsinki.

Inside there’s a museum called Children’s Town, which is free to enter and will keep your little ones busy for a good while. Recommend!

There were lots of different toys on display that brought back memories both for my parents and myself.

This room represents a very typical 70’s granny’s flat – what you would call “mummola” in Finnish. I recognised so many objects from my late grandmother’s flat, so it was very well put together!

Downstairs next to the entrance you’ll find a nice chilling area with some peculiar chairs made out of cushions. Not comfy I’m afraid!

After the museum we popped into a Marimekko shop to exchange a bowl I got for Christmas and already had back in Edinburgh. Instead I opted for two beautiful plates and I might have smuggled back a bag as well…After that we headed to Karl Fazer Cafe – one of Helsinki’s most iconic cafes where the history of Fazer started in 1891. Fazer is a Finnish confectionery company with the BEST chocolates and sweets. You can buy some at Nordic Affär in Edinburgh too!

I had brunch with my girls at Postres in Porvoo – lovely place, lovely brunch and even lovelier company! These meetings are just so therapeutic and fun and something we don’t do anywhere near enough!

We visited my granny where Lana obviously couldn’t stay away from the rocking chair…

On our last day it got warm enough to go outside and play in the snow – so we did just that and then quickly packed our bags and left the country once again. We had straight flights with Finnair – but to be honest Lana was so difficult to try to entertain towards the end that I’m now thinking two flights might be a better way of travelling for us after all. That way there are two short flights that Lana can handle and she gets to run around in between. I can’t even imagine what a 6-hour flight would be like…

Regardless of the flight we returned to Edinburgh very relaxed and ready to take on the new year. I have to thank my mum and dad for that who once again looked after us so very well. Can’t wait to go back!

x Nina x