“You Young Mums Are so Beautiful”

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Last summer I spent a day in Helsinki with Lana, and as the flat my mum owns is near the sea we headed to the beach first thing. Lana was throwing rocks in the sea and I was watching her when a man who was leaving walked past and said “you young mothers are just so beautiful”.

pregnant photo shoot

I was flattered but at the same time my initial reaction was along the lines of ‘great, who’s this weirdo?’. He then said something about how he as a kid always saw his own mum and other mums as so old, but now realises that she was actually young then too. He then wished me a happy summer and left the beach. The whole incident left me in a good mood and actually feeling a lot better about myself.

preggo shoot

It also got me thinking about what his motive was – perhaps he was just lonely and wanted a little chat with someone? Maybe he was a creep? Or maybe he just simply meant what he said and said it because he meant it? (You know what I mean??) Especially in Finland people aren’t very good at giving each other compliments – and this little chat with this middle aged man made me think about all the times I think compliments but fail to voice them. And we should be voicing them, because they can really make somebody’s day – or make a pregnant and tired whale feel beautiful.

It’s great that there are people who go up to strangers and say nice things without hidden agendas. I’m not sure I’ll ever be that person but a good place to start is your own friends and family! So let’s all be nice to each other – a good New Year’s resolution 🙂

25 weeks pregnant bikini

The simple comment from a stranger gave me more confidence to get into a bikini for a 25-week preggo photo shoot with my talented friend Kati a few days later. I mean, just look at how beautiful these photos are! I love them. And I love the fact that they’re taken in Helsinki although it looks like we’re in the middle of the archipelago.

Now that bump is lying in my arms fast asleep and looking cuter than ever <3

x Nina x