3 Years Later…

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Today it’s been exactly 3 years since I packed my bags and moved to London. 3 years in the UK! And how things have changed: I left Finland single and free, only to find myself pram-shopping in John Lewis in Edinburgh 3 years later…But what can I say? I’m grateful to myself for making that crazy decision to quit my Spanish studies at Uni and buy a one way ticket to London without having a job or a flat in sight. Had I not done that I wouldn’t be where I am today. Sometimes it pays off to take the windy road instead of the straight one 🙂


Before heading to the airport I had to go and say goodbye to my dear 98-year old granny. She’s 101 now. (The subtle date settings on my mum’s camera prove that I’m not lying about the date.)


At Helsinki-Vantaa airport with my dad and younger bro. Luckily I had a good friend waiting in London with whom I could stay, so wasn’t too nervous. (Think I want to go back to being blonde…hmmm)


London was good to me, found a job straight away and a flat that I moved in to with my friend some weeks later. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in London, and felt like I would never want to leave…I spent the first 6 months socialising and going out a lot, like you’re supposed to in London. Around half a year after I left Finland I bumped into Matthew in a bar in Southwark, and the rest is history!


We felt quite silly and out of place trying out prams, especially since we’ve never been in that situation before and we had no idea how to fold up the damn frames (that turned out to be an extremely simple thing to do). Matthew had no idea how to hold a baby either, but just look how happy the little one looks anyway. (Don’t worry, we’re definitely doing some ante-natal classes before our girl arrives.)


Oh, and we saw the first Christmas trees – in September! Really?


Last but not least, look what I found on the wall in a tunnel on the way to the supermarket! Not sure what it’s referring to, but if it’s about the moomins it can’t be a bad thing! 🙂

We didn’t buy a pram btw, we were just getting a feel for the different makes out there. They’re so expensive that it’s not a decision you should hurry. We went to two different shops, and must say that the brands that have been recommended to us were the ones I preferred. I especially liked the super-light (we live on the 2nd floor) and super-easy to manoeuvre iCandy Cherry, which we found out they’re actually discontinuing and selling for half-price! So now we don’t know what to do, should we make a quick decision before they’re out of stock or keep looking and risk not finding something as good and “cheap”? What would you do??

x  Nina x