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My second day at my new job is now over, phew. My brain feels like mush, but I must say I do enjoy feeling useful again after a two month long period of unemployment! It was nice to have that time in between jobs though, it made the whole moving and settling in process so much easier and more effective. Plus I finally got around to starting a blog 🙂 and using my new sewing machine!

It’s only been two days, but I’m already working for clients on several projects. So far it’s mostly been copywriting and managing social media accounts, but I’ll get more involved in other things too with time. There are only 5 of us in the office right now, so it’s a small company. What I like is that it’s a very relaxed environment where I’m encouraged to give my opinion. And I’m doing pretty much exactly what I wanted to get experience in!

Btw, an article I wrote before I got called in for an interview was posted on a site the company ghostwrites for and picked up by a popular social media blog called SocialMediaToday and shared about 250 times! (It’s a bit annoying that someone else is getting all the credit for my post though…But I guess that’s the name of the game.) You can read the article here.

Since I can’t do a blog post without photos, I’ll share my pics from our visit to the Drill Hall flea market in the Leith area that is arranged every last Saturday of the  month. The market was lovely and there were definitely some good bargains to be found, but also some strange stuff…


This creepy doll with a serious skull fracture cost only £22. I would need someone to pay me a lot more than that to have that thing on display in my home. Funnily enough we saw the same doll in another flea market two weeks later. Wonder if she will ever find a home…(I mean, could you sleep knowing she was in your home?)


This swimsuit for extremely disproportionate people caught my eye. Maybe it would fit barbie?


I have a ‘no stuffed animal’-policy in my new home. That also applies to animal skulls or other parts of the skeleton.


Btw, my boyfriend insists on me starting to call him by his name in this blog – I think referring to him as ‘only’ boyfriend (which I did to protect his privacy) was confusing to him in terms of his personal identity, so let me introduce Matthew! Yes, that is how he always poses in photos.

Wish me luck for my third day!

x Nina x