Biggie Smalls Twinning

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Biggie Smalls jumpers bebeandme

I saw these jumpers on Instagram and before I knew it I was on the bebeandme website and clicking on “add to basket”. My excuse was that they were a Valentine’s gift for Matthew (and Lana)…Matthew used to be a wannabe gangsta rapper in his previous life and a big fan of Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls) – so it was really the perfect gift!

OOTD – Tired Mum Outfit (+ Best Leggings Ever)

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I haven’t been sleeping that well lately as I just find myself not being able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours after Maya wakes up for her first feed. She’s still sleeping well though, usually 5 hours, then a feed and another 5 hours. Can’t complain! But you probably know how it is when you’re tired; you just want to be comfortable and can’t be bothered putting too much effort into your outfit – so that’s the kind of outfit we’re talking about today!

Kilted for a Wedding Ceilidh

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Found these photos on my phone and thought they were too cute not to share! Matthew and Lana were matching at the wedding of one of Matthew’s best friends recently, so that obviously had to be commemorated (can you use the word in this context??) on camera!

One Year Ago

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Dunmore Scotland

Can’t believe it’s been a year since my one day as a model for Dunmore Scotland and I haven’t managed to get a blog post up…Dunmore Scotland is a small bag company founded by the lovely Diane who I met through my previous job at a web agency, and when she asked me if I would like to model some of her bags I obviously said yes!

New Earrings x 2

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earrings wolf and moon

Lana is with her Nana and Pop, Maya is on her 50th nap today and since we’re getting a new boiler installed I can’t do the dishes or clean – so here I am blogging instead 🙂 Although to be honest I didn’t think I would have time to blog at all after Maya was born! Anyway, I just wanted to show you one part of my birthday present from Matthew because I think you should all know about this exciting and modern jewellery brand!

OOTD: Baby Belly in a Babydoll Dress

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Lately we’ve had days where it’s been warm enough to wear only a summer dress, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this rare treat! This baby blue dress is from Zara and even though it’s not from the maternity section it easily fits my baby belly. I feel it’s quite flattering and hides the bump fairly well – and most importantly it makes me feel pretty.

Amazing “Maternity” Dresses by Zara

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I find it difficult to find nice maternity wear – and to be honest I don’t even want to spend too much money on clothes I can only wear for a few months. When pregnant with Lana I didn’t really care what I was wearing and hardly bought any new clothes, but now I strongly feel that I want to feel as feminine and pretty as I can – perhaps it’s the summer making me feel this way, who knows. So when I discovered Zara’s summer dresses and realised that so many of them look like they could fit a pregnant belly into them I was over the moon!

OOTD: New Bag & Shoes

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marimekko mini matkuri

I’ve got a few new items in my wardrobe so it’s a perfect time to do an outfit post! If you’re wondering why my face looks so incredibly grey it’s not because I was nauseous and not because of the camera – but something WordPress has done to my photos after uploading them to the platform. After spending way too much time on trying to fix it I gave up and decided to just post these dull photos, so here we go!