DIY Knot Hairband

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diy knot hairband

I don’t know if it’s the spring that has inspired me to get my sewing machine out and come up with all sorts of little DIY projects, but I’m definitely enjoying creating things with my own little hands at the moment. I saw this easy DIY project on a colourful Finnish blog and immediately decided to try it out and share it with you, in English. Will try and keep it short and sweet, so here we go.

All you need is an old t-shirt (or similar) and a pair of scissors. The t-shirt I used was a men’s size S, which was a bit too small. Ideally, you’d use a men’s L or XL t-shirt, which means you could maybe even cut the strips vertically.

Then cut 6 x 6 cm/2,5″ pieces as in the picture. My strips were around 60 cm long, which was a bit tight around my head – so I gave the hairband to Lana instead!

Stretch the strips to make them curl up and turn into thick “string”.

Divide the strips into two sets of 3 pieces and do exactly as in the 4 photos below. Pay attention to which strips go under and which ones go over.

Then just start tugging the four ends until you end up with a number eight-shaped knot.

Tie double knots, binding all the strips together. Try to match the upper strips with the lower ones and so on.

Cut out a 7 cm/3″ wide piece of fabric that needs to be long enough for tying 3 knots with. Tie this piece of fabric around the small knots so that they’ll be entirely hidden. Then tie 3 knots with the new fabric, cut off the leftover strips and hide the ends inside the little “bun”. (Leave a couple of cm so that it’ll be easier to hide the ends.)

Voila! This is what you end up with. Not bad for the amount of time and effort needed, don’t you think? Will definitely do another one in another colour soon – just need Matthew to donate one of his t-shirts…

If something is unclear, just ask and I’ll try and explain it better!

x Nina x

PS. This is a blog post I first shared in 2014 and recently re-discovered. The photos were horrendous though, so I took some new ones and thought I’ll just share it again!