How to Make Your Own Orange Slice Decorations

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Dried Orange Slices

I finally got around to drying orange slices in the oven – after having thought about doing it for a few years. Turns out it’s very easy! So naturally I want to share my new-found joy of mastering the skill of making dried orange slices with you guys too!

Ok, so I got 3 oranges – a perfect amount for one oven tray. I cut them into around 3-4 mm wide slices and lay them onto some baking paper and sprinkled them with a little icing sugar for extra shine. Then I dried them for 4 hours in 75 degrees Celcius (with fan on), turning the slices halfway and sprinkling the other side with icing sugar too. I put a spoon in between the oven door to allow for the moisture to escape.

Before oven.
4 hours later.

I love dried orange slices since they’re so pretty and you can use them for so many things. I made some Christmas decorations as well as a long string of them. Will make some more to use for decorating our Christmas table too I think. Might even spice it up by slicing some lemon and lime as well!

I definitely like the old school Christmas decorations! Got those Yule goats from the flea market along with most of our Christmas tree decorations.
Think our tree needs more orange slices!

It’s only two weeks until Christmas and even less until Nana and Pop arrive. We will celebrate Christmas here in our new house with my family, so we’ll definitely fill both our tables! Matthew will be the designated chef and is taking it very seriously. Basically I’m not allowed to come up with any ideas – but happy to keep my mouth shut if it means I don’t have to cook! Think we’ll do a mix of Finnish and British Christmas foods as I’m sure Matthew’s parents want to try Finnish foods and vice versa.

Seems like the Christmas spirit has taken hold of at least Lana, who gave her little angel statue she picked out at the flea market (for herself) to my mum last night when we went over for Sunday dinner. She wrapped it in toilet paper and Matthew’s scarf and handed it to my mum when we got there. When we wondered why she wanted to give away her own precious angel she said it’s to replace the angel Maya broke last time we were there – something we had all forgotten about! Sometimes Lana can be such a thoughtful wee angel herself <3 Maya, on the other hand, got angry and bit Lana in the arm so that she started bleeding a couple of hours later. Reality check.

Anyway, I recommend making the orange slices – why not make some tree decorations to give away as a Christmas gift??

x Nina x