Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Makeover

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Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Makeover DIY

I’ve just finished another DIY-project of mine – that I obviously want to share with you guys. I’ve been wanting to get the girls a proper play kitchen for a while, so decided to pimp the Ikea Duktig one for Maya’s birthday (two months ago…). Since I didn’t finish it then I thought I’d do it as a Christmas gift instead.

The Ikea Duktig play kitchen before…
Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen DIY Hack
…and after the makeover.

The Ikea Duktig play kitchen is a popular one, and even if I do like it as it comes I wanted to make it a bit more interesting. I saw an opportunity for some DIY and I just has to take it…I had no idea what a big thing pimpin’ this particular kitchen is, so there was no lack of inspiration online. I finally decided (this was a difficult one!) I wanted to do quite a sophisticated one – basically something my dream kitchen could look like. I also wanted to use the paint we already had in the house to keep costs down. So what I used was white and dark grey chalk paint by Rust-Oleum, varnish for chalk paint, golden spray paint and some marble contact paper. All I did was paint, spray and glue – Matthew put the whole thing together as it has kind of become his job in this house and I’m too impatient to read the instructions correctly haha.

I think it turned out quite nice and has quite a good finish – but there were some bumps in the road. First of all, spray paint is not fun to use and I can already see it starting to peel from the handles. Maybe I didn’t use the right type of spray paint or maybe I didn’t do it the right way, I don’t know. Will see what happens when the girls start using it and then decide what to do about it. The other issue I encountered was with the dark chalk paint and the varnish (for chalk paint). Once I brushed on the varnish the grey colour started turning light in some places and just creating this worn down look I didn’t want. So I just painted another layer of paint on top of the varnish (something you really shouldn’t do I think) and it now looks fine. Again, will see what happens when the girls start using it…

Anyway, below are a few photos with descriptions so you can get a better idea of how I did it!

Here are all the plastic bits (apart from the long rail) that I decided to spray paint golden. I used one of the thicker cardboard pieces that came with the kitchen to get the handles and the tap to stay in place when spraying. (I just pushed them in.)
It said on the can that you can spray pretty much any material, but as I mentioned earlier it hasn’t worked that great as it’s already started to peel off.
So far so good though and I think the gold gives the kitchen that little luxurious touch 🙂
After spray painting I did the marble kitchen countertops. I used a contact paper I bought from Etola (a Finnish store), which cost around 7 euros.
It was really easy to work with the paper, especially when I used my bankcard to even out any bubbles.
After attaching it properly around the edges I just cut out the holes for the sink and the stove. Easy peasy.
Then it was time to paint – after sanding the pieces lightly. Chalk White and Graphite by Rust-Oleum were the colours I used.
And then it was time for my favourite bit; styling the kitchen and taking some photos 🙂 Obviously the girls don’t play with my Marimekko bowls! (I see now that I need to paint the bottom of the oven too…)

What do you think? How would you pimp your Ikea play kitchen? 🙂

x Nina x