My Second Trimester

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Ok guys, more boring preggo stuff in this post – just warning you!

As I did a First Trimester post I thought I should probably do one for my second trimester too. Some sources say that the third trimester starts at 26 weeks, others 27 and some 28, so decided that I’m going to go with 27 weeks for my trimester. As promised by all the pregnancy info that’s out there, the past three months have been very easy and I’ve even felt more energetic than usual. Maybe I’ve been lucky too, but if this is what being pregnant is then I don’t mind having more children at all 🙂

Changes in body

So far I’ve but on an impressive 10kg. It feels like quite a lot as the baby still has quite a bit of weight to put on too, but as most of the weight seems to be allocated to the baby and the belly I’m not concerned. It has required some getting used to not being in control of my own weight as I’m usually quite weight-conscious, but for the first time in my life (apart from when I was a child of course) I don’t care! The baby needs a few extra kilos 🙂

I’ve been feeling contractions for about a month now, but only realised it the other week when my friend explained to me what it feels like haha. I often get them when I’m exercising or walking briskly, but they’re completely painless and pass very quickly. I think I can notice my hair having gotten a bit darker since I got pregnant, and the hair on my legs doesn’t seem to grow as quickly as before. I only have a very faint linea negra, but other than these things I haven’t noticed many changes in my appearance.


In the beginning of my second trimester I had a couple of colds, of which one lasted for a few weeks, but after that I’ve managed to avoid getting ill (knock on wood). My blood pressure and blood count have been excellent throughout, including my hemoglobin and even the calcium levels I had issues with a year or two back. I’ve got more blood tests in store for me in two week’s time, so will be interesting to see if there has been a change. I was taking the Pregnacare Plus supplements (including omega 3 capsules) religiously throughout the first trimester, but feel that every second or third day has been enough during the second trimester. As I’m a pescatarian but haven’t been too keen on fish during my pregnancy I’ve felt that I need some extra supplements.

I have decided to go for the flu jab after weighing up the pros and cons, and also the whooping cough vaccine that’s recommended here. On top of that I’ll be getting an anti-D injection as I’m rhesus negative. Apparently they check the baby’s blood in Finland to see if the baby is also negative and find out if you need an injection or not, but my midwife hadn’t even heard about it…Here they automatically give you the anti-D injection, so guess I’ll just have to go with that then.


As I already mentioned, I haven’t had any serious symptoms during the second trimester. Only thing that affects me some nights is a bit of a blocked nose, which I think is rhinitis of pregnancy and you can’t do anything about. I think I noticed a slight improvement after starting to use a saline nasal spray every day, but some nights I still wake up in the middle of the night without being able to fall asleep properly again because of my nose.

I can sometimes feel pain from my sciatic nerve, especially after having walked a lot, but to be fair, I had that before being pregnant too. Just hope the baby won’t put too much pressure on it as she grows.


People always ask if I’ve got any crazy cravings, but disappointingly I have to say no. I always crave sweets, so that’s nothing new. Although one thing I’ve started eating a lot more that I’ve never really had much interest in before is croissants for some reason. Maybe it’s my body’s way of saying I need more butter?! 🙂 My appetite has been normal, maybe even slightly smaller than usual.

I still don’t feel like having coffee or a small glass of wine every now and then, which I don’t mind at all. Having been caffeine and alcohol free for half a year now I realise that I feel a lot better without it. This might change, but at the moment I don’t see myself going back to having coffee every morning – it just doesn’t suit me as I’m very sensitive to caffeine just like my dad.


Matthew should probably write this for me…I’ve been a bit teary at times and find myself getting really angry or agitated about small things very quickly, but other than that I’ve felt quite stable. 🙂 I’m starting to think about giving birth more and more, but still not feeling too nervous about it. All in all I’ve been feeling positive and excited about becoming a mother and seeing Matthew become a dad.

Looking forward to

I look forward to the antenatal classes and hoping I’ll meet some local mummies there I can hang out with after the baby is born. I also look forward to getting everything set up for the baby and buying all the things we need for the little one. But what I look forward to the most is definitely going on maternity leave and flying to Finland for Christmas and New Year and showing my belly to family and friends. And to meeting our daughter of course, but that’s a given!!

My new favourite hobby

Staring at my belly waiting for kicks – and trying to film them on my phone…After which I delete them when I realise they’re extremely boring! The baby’s been kicking since 18-19 weeks, but it’s still fascinating and feels so odd – like a little alien in your belly.

This is me for now, no really exciting or out of the ordinary things to report on, but who knows, that might change very quickly as the third trimester rolls on!

x Nina x