Sunday Stroll at Lauriston Castle and Cramond

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We usually take it pretty easy on weekend mornings, but last Sunday we were out the door at 9.30am! We were picked up by our friends and drove to Lauriston Castle, a 16-century tower house just a 15-minute ride away. The weather wasn’t great, but at least it didn’t rain (I’m starting to be really, really sick of this non-summery weather here – the other week I had to get out Lana’s winter coat because it was so chilly)!


Two buddies catching up on all the gossip.


You can go inside the castle as well but we decided against it so Lana couldn’t break anything. The Edwardian interiors are exactly like they were in 1926 when the last owner left the place to Scotland on the condition that it would be preserved unchanged.


Just like pretty much every other castle in Scotland, Lauriston Castle is also haunted…


There were a couple of croquet games going on in the garden and we were told off by two grumpy old women for letting Lana pick up one of the balls in the middle of the game. Obviously we didn’t let her do it on purpose, she’s just so fast nowadays! (And who gets angry with a cute 1-year-old anyway?!)


I’m regretting not going inside now – would’ve loved to look out those windows!


Lana could roam around freely – as long as we kept her away from the damn croquet games…She’s really into running at the moment!


The views were pretty great. That’s Cramond Island and Fife in the back.


My wee explorer.


Lana now knows from touching our cacti at home that things with spikes can hurt you, and she’ll say “ouch” every time she sees something spiky like that little seed Rachel’s holding.


This is the Edinburgh-Kyoto Friendship Garden that opened in August 2002.


Japanese gardens are just so serene aren’t they? Would love to have one myself one day!


Lana’s also really into opening and closing doors. So much fun!…


The entrance to the Japanese garden.


Matthew’s wearing my old Eastpak rucksack from 20 years ago! (Do you remember them?)


We were all pretty keen on a coffee so we got in the car and drove to Cramond Village nearby.


It’s a cute little place with yellow doors and whitewashed houses.


And red doors too!


We went to Cramond Falls Cafe and had coffee, scones and carrot cake.


Every time I’ve been to Cramond it’s been high tide, so this was the first time we could’ve actually walked over to Cramond Island. Unfortunately we had to get back by 2pm so Matthew could watch Andy Murray play tennis…Grrr. At least he won!


Everybody knows somebody who’s been caught by the tide and have had to wait it out on the island…


Like most kids, Lana loves playing with sand. She would’ve loved to stay for longer too, but daddy’s tennis obsession is naturally more important.


The airport is nearby, so there are planes flying over all the time. I look way more excited than Lana haha!

I’ve got a long list of places I want to visit, so there will be more blogs about our weekend trips 🙂

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