Winter is Coming

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Just a quick update from the land of whisky and kilts. Not much going on here to be honest, life in the thirties isn’t really that different from being 29 – apart from that my bank here now thinks I’m ready for a credit card. (I said no thanks.)

Can’t believe it’s only 5 weeks till Christmas, and Matthew still won’t let me bring in the tree and decorate the house. I think I’m overly excited because it’ll be my first ‘own’ Xmas tree (another sign of becoming an adult.) We also bought a food processor the other day – which made Matthew feel old too. (I’m writing about food processors and Xmas trees – definitely not much going on here haha.)

We had another new person start at work on Monday – finally another woman! It’s not that I don’t get along with the guys at work, but it just changes the whole dynamics of the place (for the better) to have another female perspective on things!


We also had some lovely visitors from King’s Lynn the other week who were passing through on their way to Aberdeen. (Notice the cute little pig that creeped into the photo.) It was so nice to get a dose of Finnish company (and English of course)! Sometimes you just need to talk to someone from your own country in your own language so that you can “slag off” the culture, customs and people of your new country together with someone who understands you. If you live or have ever lived abroad you know what I mean!

field restaurant EdinburghField restaurant cow

We met up and had dinner together at Field restaurant that is included in the 2014 Michelin guide. You’re probably thinking that it must’ve been an expensive dinner, but it actually wasn’t! I think it’s great that there are restaurants that won’t compromise on ingredients and quality and still provide an affordable dining experience to their customers. I had a creamy apple and something soup (can’t remember but it tasted like Christmas), pan fried hake on a bed of creamy vegetables for my main and a selection of sorbets for dessert. Both Matthew and I agreed that the food was nice but too heavy. I would’ve preferred a little less cream and butter and lighter ingredients. But I’d definitely recommend the place – the food was fresh and tasty, service was good and the restaurant itself is cosy and has a nice atmosphere.

Dover Sole fish

We watch quite a few cooking programs, and often get ideas for our own cooking from them. So we bought a whole Dover Sole (poor little thing) that we saw the chefs prepare on Masterchef, thinking it looked easy. Well, it didn’t quite turn out like on Masterchef – after struggling to get the skin off for ages we ended up with a tiny piece of fish full of bones. Fail. Back to buying fillets I think.


Tadaa! Our new food processor in all its glory and my first home-made pesto! So simple, all I used was basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. So much better than the store-bought stuff.


Last but not least, say hi to my tiny wee nephew – he looks like he wishes he was somewhere else 🙂

It’s starting to get cold in the UK, and there’s even been some snow – which has made big headlines in the newspapers. Every time. I can’t help but think it’s a little comical – it’s just snow! The forecasters are actually saying that this will be the worst winter in 60 years with 100 days of heavy snow. Sounds like it’ll be just like winter in Finland :/ We haven’t had any here in Edinburgh yet –  but will be “interesting” to see what the winter here will be like and how this nation will survive. I’m just worried about the flights being cancelled and not being able to get home for New Year…

That’s all for now, toodle pip!

x Nina x

PS. Just finished watching the 3rd series of Eastbound and Down. If you’re not the sensitive type and have a slightly sick sense of humour you’ll love it!